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How to conduct a tour?

Creating an interesting new tour is not easy. It is necessary to split the planned event into two equal stages - this is the preparation and conduct of the excursion.

To develop a new excursion route, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the excursion, the type (in content - overview, thematic; in the way of movement - pedestrian, bus) and objects of display. From this will depend on the text of the tour, its duration and richness of facts. This should be done not by one person, but by a creative group, which should include from three to seven people.

First steps to planning an excursion

When the objects are selected, we proceed to the collection of information on each of them and compile the most convenient route for crossings (crossings, etc.). Now, from a large amount of information on objects you need to make a guided text for each of them and an object card. Such a card is an indispensable part of the guide's portfolio; it contains brief information about the object and, possibly, its photograph.

After the excursion texts to the objects are written, it is easier to create an interesting and concise text of the excursion, to connect the parts with competent transitions.

Guidelines guide

After the materials are prepared, a methodical development of the excursion is done - this is a document describing the excursion, its main parameters. The manual includes the topic, route map, its length, type of excursion, safety rules, purpose, objectives and time. It also includes a table - a plan for the tour:

  • route;
  • display object;
  • stop;
  • time in minutes;
  • listing of the main issues, the names of sub-topics;
  • organizational guidelines;
  • guidelines (logical transitions).

After this training manual must assure leadership, it serves as confirmation of the quality of the tour.

Guide Portfolio

Before you conduct a tour, you need to collect a "guide portfolio." This is the professional name for a set of visual aids to simplify the excursion. It can be reproductions of paintings, photographs of people who are related to this topic, maps of companies or military operations, geographical maps, geological samples, product samples, tape recordings and other materials that help saturate the tour.

Requirements for materials

The selection criteria for visual material are low: preservation, unusual, expressiveness, the need to show and cognitive value. These are the main qualities of these criteria. It is very important to have good materials on objects that have not reached our days or have greatly changed. This will simplify the perception of the material. It should be borne in mind that reproductions, maps and photographs must be on a cardboard base, the image must be clear with a size of at least 18 * 24, preferably 24 * 30 cm.

Now that all the material is ready, let's figure out how to properly conduct a tour. Each guide usually has his own tour guide based on personal experience and observation. But the method of conducting an excursion is a whole system of requirements and tasks, methods of storytelling and demonstration. All this is necessary to achieve maximum material digestibility. A well-developed technique is a kind of list of rules for a guide during a particular tour. But you should pay attention to the fact that the methods of the excursion should differ slightly depending on the age of the group and the interest of tourists.

Recommendations for age categories

For children of school age, it is better not to overload the text with facts; it will be more interesting for them to see visual material and hear an interesting legend or story. It is also worth preparing for the questions, from their children comes a lot. It is important to be able to keep the attention of tourists, schoolchildren. To do this, ask questions: "Do you know?"; �Have you heard about ...?�; �Do you like ...?� And so on. In this case, the guide has a dialogue with the excursionists, and this way you can keep the attention for quite a long time.

Tourists of the older generation, as a rule, behave quietly and calmly, and it is rather difficult to understand whether the story is interesting for them or not. In the event that these are not professors and scientists, it is advisable not to overload the text of the excursion with a large number of dates and figures. Always give time for photographing, just five to seven minutes will be enough.

Guides receptions

There are generally accepted methods of conducting excursions, they include the techniques of storytelling and showing. Receptions show allow visitors to pay attention to the most important details, to assess the overall appearance of the object and its combination with the environment.The tricks of the story, in turn, help to recreate in the imagination of tourists a more accurate picture of events. Keywords: "Imagine ...", "Shel ... year ..", etc.

Safety regulations

But besides interesting material and a pleasant guide, the event should be safe.

Safety during excursions, especially walking, is very important. The basic rules of safety and behavior on the route can be found in the methodical design of the excursion. But the tour guide is obliged to inform the group about safety measures immediately before the tour. Tell about all the nuances of the route. The most banal phrases that you can not stick your head out of the window of the bus and jump on the go, should definitely be heard. Since the guide assumes responsibility for the group during the excursion, it is his task to tell about the safety rules.

What should warn tourists

Particular attention should be paid to the intersections of roads and crossings (cable bridges, caves, tunnels, etc.). If the excursion is conducted in nature, then you should be warned about the rules of fire safety.You also need to tell that you can not try mushrooms, touch various insects and animals with your hands, drink water from open reservoirs and walk barefoot.

It is necessary to carefully treat the household items of the local population and the surrounding nature at the site of the excursion. In addition, guided tours and medical examinations, as well as people who do not have health contraindications should be allowed to take excursions.


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