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How to congratulate my sister on his birthday

How to congratulate my sister on his birthday

How to congratulate my sister on his birthday

Sister - a gift of fate for life. Even when there are no parents, she will always be there, supporting us in difficult moments with her care and warm words. Congratulations from her sister or brother will be especially important for her, because throughout her life we ​​share with her first toys, then love experiences and life adversities. Naturally, my beloved sister always wants to give the best, to make her as happy as possible. Here you can see beautiful and funny congratulations on your birthday to your sister from brother and sister in verses and prose, as well as unusual audio greetings and practical jokes on your mobile phone.


May your congratulations be the most original, memorable and warm. It is not necessary to write poetry, but try to speak from the bottom of your heart. If you and your sister are still in school, you can surprise her there, having arranged in advance with friends and acquaintances.This can be a gift, bought by the investor, a loud congratulation by the choir or a holiday poster.


Knowing about her hobbies, tastes and tastes will also help you congratulate your beloved sister properly. For example, buy tickets for a concert and go there with her. If the sister likes needlework - give a new set for embroidery or a few skeins of thread. The main thing is to be attentive, find out what she likes and what is not, so that your sister will not be upset and disappointed with her gift.


Also, you can paint with a few congratulations on various objects that are located on the path of the sister to school or to work. These can be trees, sidewalks or walls of houses.


If you and your sister are already young, you can give her a surprise in the form of a sudden party with your closest friends. Try to collect all those who are especially dear to her somewhere in one place and without warning, call your sister (this is best done after the main celebration, so as not to thwart any plans). And then funny birthday greetings to my brother from my sister for every taste, even an audio congratulation.


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