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How to connect Alpine?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
December 19, 2014
How to connect Alpine?

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How to connect Alpine?

Note that the music in the car is a necessary part of a pleasant trip. To organize such an accompaniment, you need to properly install the radio. Our article will tell how to connect the radio from the company Alpine.

Radio recorder from Alpine: set correctly

Step by step instruction includes the following steps:

  1. First of all, you need to take care of the safety of the electrical systems of the car. To do this, open the hood and disconnect the positive battery terminal;
  2. After that go to work in the car. Remove the dashboard (detailed instructions you can find in the recommendations for the use of your machine). We are only interested in the part where the vehicle control systems are installed and, in fact, the radio tape recorder. As a rule, it is enough to unscrew the two screws and pull the panel towards you;
  3. Disconnect the radio basket from the panel. Press the four latches on the sides and pull the device towards you;
  4. Pull out all the connectors connected to the old radio;
  5. Connect the antenna to the dedicated Alpine radio connector. In addition, on the principle of similarity, connect the remaining wires in addition to the antenna;
  6. Swap the red and yellow wires when connecting. This is necessary for the stable operation of the device;
  7. After all connections have been established, you can proceed to the power connection. Install the positive terminal on the battery to its original position.

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