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How to connect Samsung to WiFi?

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How to connect Samsung to WiFi?

Connecting the TV to a wireless network not only allows you to get rid of the need to hold a cable, but also makes it easy to use the Internet. In this article we will look at how you can connect a wi-fi wireless network to a Samsung TV.

Note that this instruction is also relevant for televisions of other brands.

Connecting a Samsung TV to a wi-fi network

In order to connect the TV to a wireless network, you will need a wireless router, as well as a built-in or external wi-fi receiver. Before you proceed directly to setting up a wireless network connection, be sure to check if the router is connected. You also need to check the correctness of the settings of the router. The procedure for connecting the TV to a wi-fi network is as follows:

  1. Use the remote control to go to your TV menu.
  2. Go to the "Network" menu, and then to "Network Settings."
  3. You will see a window with the text, you just need to click the "Next" button.
  4. In the next window, select "Wireless Connection".
  5. Next, select "My Network" and enter your password.

If necessary, you will need to enter the ip-address that your provider has provided you.

  1. You can find out your ip-address either in the contract with the provider, or by calling him by phone.
  2. Please note that in the settings menu "Plag and play" you have to check the mac-address of your device.
  3. Also in this menu you can check other settings of your router. Reconcile carefully.

If your wi-fi router supports the WPN function, then you need to select the corresponding item and then the configuration will occur automatically. It is also possible that your wi-fi router supports the “One foot connection” technology, in which case you need to select the appropriate item in the selection of settings. Setup will happen again automatically.

If during the setup process you will be offered to subscribe to updates, then it is better to refuse, because, because the signal will not be detected yet, and the download of updates will begin in the first second of its detection, this may lead to a failure of the settings. Because of what will have to spend them again.


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