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How to connect the switch?

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How to connect the switch?

Connecting a switch is not such a difficult task, especially if you are with the electrician on "you". This is also important, since installing a new switch may be needed anywhere — with the purchase of new luminaires, the need to replace old switches, etc. Let's take a look at how to install several different types of switches (single-key, double-key and pass-through). So how to connect the switch correctly?

Connection of one-button switch

To install the most common switch on one key, do the following:

  1. turn off the electricity in the house;
  2. disassemble the switch - remove the key and the protective frame;
  3. we have a three-core cable - we determine which of the wires is phase, using the current indicator. Usually this wire is red. The other wire, according to the standard, blue is a neutral or neutral wire, and the third is grounding;
  4. Consider a junction box.It will have two wires - a three-core cable from the switch and a two-wire cable from the lamp to which we want to connect the switch.
  5. we connect wires to destination;
  6. we isolate all contacts and put them in a junction box;
  7. We install the switch in a special place and collect it.

Thus, after connecting, we can “plug in” the electricity and try the installed switch.

Connecting a two-button switch

The wiring diagram of such a switch is also quite simple. First of all, remember your safety. If you do not understand the electrics, it is better to leave this work to professionals. To connect perform the following steps:

  1. parse our switch:
    • gently hook the keys and remove them from the device;
    • remove the protective frame (unscrew the screws);
  2. We look, what type of switch in our hands - with plug-in contacts or screw. A switch with screw contacts is recommended;switch
  3. look at the designation of the phases on the switch. This is important because we will connect the wires later;
  4. then take a three-core wire and we clean each of the wires about 1 centimeter;
  5. we determine the phase wire, then turn off all the electricity;
  6. We connect this wire to the contact marked with the letter “L”, the remaining two wires are connected to the contacts of each of the switch keys:
    • for plug-in - insert the wire into the hole and fix the spring;
    • for screw - fix bolts.
  7. check how tightly the wires are fastened;
  8. We install the mechanism in the bottom plate.

The connection process is described in more detail in the article How to connect a double switch.

Connection of the switch

The switch through passage is connected in order that lighting could be operated from several places. When can it be needed? For example, if your apartment has a very long corridor, or there is a common hall in a house on two floors. Very uncomfortableswitchgo the whole distance, and then come back to turn off the light. This is what the pass switch is for. So, to connect:

  1. we install through switches on places where it is necessary;
  2. we derive three-core cables;
  3. we install lamps in such a way that the connection is parallel, as a result we have a two-core cable;
  4. Next, mount the junction box.Remember that it is better to leave the cable longer, since it can be shortened later, which is better than if the length was not enough;
  5. we bring wires from lamps and switches to the box, and connect them strictly according to the scheme.

Connection is ready!


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