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How to cook a crab?

If you plan to surprise your guests with some exotic dish, but you absolutely do not want to spend half a day in the kitchen during cooking, try serving crab meat served in its shell or small crabs boiled whole in a spicy brine. Not sure how to cook a crab? It's so easy!

Now in large supermarkets and shopping centers, crabs are sold in any form - large and small, in the form of canned food, live and cooked, frozen, whole or sliced. All of them, of course, are somewhat different from each other in preparation and methods of serving.

How to cook a crab

Live Kamchatka crabs are considered to be the most valuable and delicious. If you are lucky enough to get such a handsome man, we advise you to deal with him as follows:

  • Immerse the crab for an hour in fresh water, brush its shell with a stiff brush.
  • Take a large enough pot, such that your crab fits in it. Pour water into it, salt it cool at the rate of one and a half tablespoons of salt per liter, and put on the fire.When the water boils, put the peeled carrots, onions, a little dill and allspice into the water, wait a few minutes and put the crab in boiling water. If desired, you can add half a cup of white wine to the broth.
  • Cook crab weighing about one and a half kilograms with a low boil for 15 - 20 minutes. Smaller specimens 10 to 12 minutes.
  • The crab is ready. Now you have to pull it out of the pan and cool it by laying it on its back.
  • Divide the crab, open the shell and remove brown meat from it. Carefully chop legs and claws with forceps, remove white crabmeat from them. Clean, wash and dry the carapace. Serve sliced ​​crab meat in it, laying it out separately for varieties, and decorating with chopped eggs and parsley.

We will not talk in detail about how to cook frozen crab. The principle of its preparation is the same, only the cooking time should be reduced to 5 minutes for small crabs and 10 minutes for larger ones. Small crabs are served intact, like crayfish. They are especially good for beer or dry white wine.

Now a few words on how to cook crab claws. They, of course, can be boiled, as well as the whole frozen crab, but there is also a more interesting recipe - claws, steamed.

Take a double boiler, fill it to the desired level with water, add a half cup of sugar, a teaspoon of sea salt and bring it to a boil. Put the crab claws on the wire rack, cook for 7–8 minutes under a lid and serve them on the table.

And finally, for lovers of the exotic and gourmets, another unusual recipe is how to cook crab meat. Ready crab meat (200 gr.) Cut into strips, sprinkle it with lemon juice and leave for a quarter of an hour.

Peel two large peaches, remove the bones, cut the flesh into small cubes and mix with the crabs. Season the salad with homemade mayonnaise, add a little grated ginger and mix gently. Salad ready.


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