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How to cook aluminum?

In the second half of the nineteenth century, in Paris, an event occurred that determined the development of metallurgical civilization. French chemist St. Clair Deville received a "silver from clay." The lightweight silver metal he received in the laboratory was aluminum. Napoleon III set about trying to supply his army with durable, lightweight aluminum cuirass and financed industrial metal production. But for almost half a century aluminum was so expensive to manufacture that it was used only in jewelry.

The question of how to cook aluminum on a production scale, without spending a lot of money on it, didn’t give rest to scientists for many years. The exit was found only at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today it is difficult to name the industry, wherever aluminum is used - it is used in areas from rocket production to the food industry.

However, aluminum turned out to be a metal with “character”. Its electrical conductivity is four times higher than that of steel, the cleaned aluminum is instantly oxidized in air and covered with a chemically neutral film. In addition, its high thermal conductivity requires an accelerated mode of welding, which means that the methods of welding aluminum and aluminum alloys are being modernized to this day.

How to weld aluminum

Fusion welding is used for almost all aluminum alloys. This technology also includes manual arc welding with MMA electrodes, argon arc welding using tungsten electrodes and filler wires, traditional semi-automatic or pulsed semi-automatic welding in shielding gas, and many other methods. In addition, each method of welding is designed for certain products and requires special conditions and precautions.

Thus, manual argon-arc welding of parts made of aluminum and magnesium or silumin alloys is possible with a metal thickness of no more than four millimeters due to the fact that the aluminum electrode melts almost three times faster than steel. The disadvantages of this method are the strict time and temperature parameters of the process, which, if not followed, may create gas bubbles or slag flow in the weld, and this may cause metal corrosion.

Is it possible to cook aluminum so that the quality of welding meets the highest requirements? Of course! One of the most common methods for the production of aluminum structuresis argon-arc welding using non-consumable tungsten electrodes when filing wire. This technology requires hardware argon-arc installations, therefore, is widely used in industry. Like any process that uses sophisticated equipment, argon arc welding is quite expensive, albeit with better modern technology. The most used today is the modernization of argon-arc welding - plasma welding. It is much better, requires less time and eliminates tungsten inclusions in the weld.

However, aluminum products are used not only in industry, but also in everyday life. Unfortunately, they tend to wear out and break. Today, the problem of how to solder aluminum at home is solved positively and finally.

Aluminum soldering at home

The easiest way, immediately after you have cleaned the aluminum, is to coat it with flux and use a special solder. In this case, the most important condition is compliance with the temperature, therefore, the soldering iron must be very powerful.

How to connect aluminum with another metal, for example, with copper? At home, the most commonly used electrochemical method requires some precaution. On the cleaned surface of the product is applied a little concentrated copper sulphate. The power supply is switched on (5-12V) with a load of up to 10V and an open circuit is made. An aluminum part is connected to the negative pole, and a copper part is connected to the positive pole. On this other metal should also be applied a few drops of vitriol. It is necessary that there be a gap between the metals - as a result of electrolysis, a layer of copper will settle on the aluminum surface. It remains only to tin the surface and can be soldered. The question of how to solder aluminum with another metal has been removed from the agenda!


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