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How to cook beaver?

It's no secret that everyone loves to eat. Since the daily diet quickly becomes boring, sometimes you want to try something new and unusual. Nowadays there are many different delicacies, one of which is beaver meat.

A couple of words about beaver meat

The beaver's meat was loved by Catholic priests, it was even eaten during the fast, arguing that the beaver lives in water and its tail looks like a fish - scaly. After cooking, beaver meat has a specific flavor that not every person will understand. When breaking up a beaver's carcass, it is important not to hurt the beaver stream - the endocrine gland, which, by the way, is very actively used in the preparation of medical products and perfumes. If you touch it when cutting, the meat will lose tenderness and softness and will seem hard and tasteless.

It is interesting that the beaver’s muscle tissue is riddled with fatty veins, therefore, if it is properly prepared, the fat will slowly melt, thereby nourishing the meat and giving it extraordinary tenderness.

Beaver Recipes

There are quite a few recipes that tell you how to make beaver. Beaver meat is suitable for almost all dishes, you can stew, bake, fry, make of it meatballs and meatballs. For cooking meat, the beaver, which is 2-3 years old, will be ideal. Lovers of delicacy advise to serve beaver meat with spicy sauces and seasonings, and hunters say that you can only feel the full range of beaver daintier with vodka.

Beaver Rolls

How to cook beaver meat? A good option is cooking beaver rolls. To do this, the meat is cut into thin oblong pieces, beaten, salted, pepper to taste. A piece of bacon lays on the edge of the slaughtered meat and is wrapped in a roll, tied with a string. Rolls are fried in large amounts of fat for about 35-40 minutes.

Beaver Kebab

For cooking kebab from beaver, you can take any of its meat, except rib. Before cooking, it is better to soak the meat, so its taste will be brighter, and the meat itself will be softer. To prepare the marinade about 5 kg. meat will need 7 onions, grated on a grater, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, water.If desired, add a teaspoon of ginger or cumin. When the kebab is already roasting, you can sprinkle it with lemon juice, so the meat will almost lose its specific flavor and will appeal to almost everyone.

Tail soup

There are recipes on how to cook a beaver tail. One of them is beaver tails soup. To do this, you need to purchase about three tails, remove the skin from them, cut them into small squares and place in an enameled pan. Pour the meat with a cup of vinegar and water so that the meat is completely covered with liquid. It needs to be soaked for approximately 8 hours.

Then the liquid is removed, add 4 spoons of cold water, one tea boat of pepper and two teaspoons of salt, a cup of rice and onion, cut into small cubes. All this is put on the fire and after boiling it is prepared for 20 minutes. The soup is ready. Before serving, you can add tomato sauce or other seasonings.


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