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How to cook meat solyanka?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
January 10, 2013
How to cook meat solyanka?

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How to cook meat solyanka?

Solyanka team since ancient times was the royal dish. It was served on a table by noble people who could afford to put a kilogram of meat on a half liter of water. Now the hodgepodge has become a truly national dish, especially after the holiday feasts, when there are a lot of meat delicacies. That's when the hostess and remember how to cook meat hodgepodge, team.


So, meat hodgepodge, the recipe of which we give below, is prepared from meat and delicacies. In the old Russian recipe for three liters of water was taken:

  • 700 grams of beef;
  • 1 pork kidney;
  • 1 beef tongue;
  • smoked ribs 300 g;
  • smoked ham 200 g;
  • carbonate 200 g

All of this was boiled, and fresh vegetables and pickled cucumbers were added. Then it all boiled for about an hour. Our ancestors did not put any potatoes, olives or capers in the hodgepodge. And they were pleased with what worked. Now you can add to our old dish a variety of "overseas" charms. Such as olives and capers.But, if you do not have them - it does not matter! But lemon, at the end of cooking, before serving, you can add.

Cooking process

How to cook meat hodgepodge, no need to think long. Collect all kinds of raw meat that you have, take a little bit of everything: beef, chicken, smoked ribs. Cook them on low heat for 1-2 hours. Separate the meat from the bones, cut into pieces. Smoked meats and delicacies also cut into strips. Then continue cooking all the meat ingredients. At this time, fry chopped onions and carrots, add 2 tablespoons of ketchup or 1 spoon of tomato paste. Pass finely chopped pickles. Add all this to boiling meat, put diced potatoes. Pepper, salt, bay leaf - to taste. Boil everything properly (at least half an hour). Before serving, place a thin slice of lemon in a plate.

This is how meat hodgepodge is prepared. Photos of all cooking steps you can easily find on the Internet. We recommend adding some more of your products to your hodgepodge, which will give it an original taste. If you still doubt whether you have a meat hodgepodge, you can also find videos of this process on the Internet.But, if you know a little about cooking, then after reading this article, you already know how to cook meat hodgepodge.


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