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How to cook vegetables on the grill?

Only vegetables, I am a vegetarian)
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Answered on December 1, 2014 11:40
Do you like barbecue of vegetables too? Try as I cook. Take the eggplant and pepper. Cut the eggplants (they should be dense with a small amount of seeds! Important) into 1 cm whole slices, and pepper in half, or if it is huge then into three lobes, throw out the seeds, of course. Then put it in an enameled or glass cup or jar, pour one-on-one olive oil (you can also sunflower but the taste will be completely different) and apple cider vinegar. Squeeze there garlic-per kg eggplant pieces 5 cloves, sprinkle a teaspoon-two paprika, black pepper and salt-usually make by eye. We make marinade of oil and vinegar approximately at the rate of 0.4 liters per kilogram of eggplants. Then you need to mix the whole thing well, carefully so as not to break the slices, or if you can do it in a jar, you can close the lid to shake it. Fry on coals on the grill of course about 10 minutes. The main thing is not to charred vegetables.

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