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How to cover acne with foundation

How to cover acne with concealer photo

Useful tips for women. How to cover acne with foundation

Youth is a wonderful time, but even this age can be overshadowed by minor troubles: circles under the eyes after sleepless nights and suddenly leaping pimples. As a result, the reflection in the mirror is able to deliver a lot of disappointment. But the trouble is small, especially today, when the market offers a wide range of modern cosmetics to mask the flaws of the face. If the trouble in the form of inflammation caught you off guard before an important and responsible event, the question always arises, how to cover up acne with foundation? A magazine of useful tips will tell you what to do.


Do you know what special qualities a makeup should have for cosmetics? It is on the correct choice of corrective means the quality of the masking of reddening and pimples on the face depends, and this in turn affects self-confidence.Simple rules of disguise will help you to remain beautiful always, in spite of the whims of your skin, and to feel comfortable under the watchful eyes of others who cannot find the slightest flaw on your skin.


Acne is quite difficult to disguise, so the main requirement for the coating is a thick and creamy consistency with a high content of masking components. With the help of color combinations you can turn off the red, for example, means of green shades are best suited to correct reddening. Most of the experts, answering the question how to cover acne with foundation, recommend using a special masking pencil with a healing effect. It contains active ingredients that help effectively mask acne and pimples and cure them faster. The tool is applied exclusively to the point, excluding its contact with the skin adjacent to the pimple, otherwise the resulting aureole will be noticeable. But masking is an extreme remedy for emergency cases, it is better to treat inflammations with special means and procedures.


Applying a special correction tool for acne, fix the effect using for the skin of the foundation tonal means for a semi-tone lighter than your natural skin color. Avoid pink and dark shades of foundation and powder, which will negate all the techniques of disguise, and make pimples even more noticeable. Use the tips of make-up artists and stop using blush until your skin looks healthy again. Some color effects that are used when choosing makeup products for the eyes and lips divert attention from problem areas of the skin.


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