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How to create a partition on the hard drive

You will need
  • - Paragon Partition Manager.
If you need to create a new volume on your hard disk, working in the environment of the Windows operating system, then download the program Partition Manager. Install it and restart your computer, allowing the utility to gather the necessary information about the hard drive. Now prepare your hard drive to create a new partition.
Delete all unnecessary files that take up a lot of space. The fact is that a new disk will be created from the free space of the existing partition. It is better to remove as much unnecessary information as possible.
Launch the program Partition Manager and open the �Wizards� menu, the icon of which is located above the toolbar. Select "Create a section." Do not confuse with the function "Quick partition creation." In the menu that opens, activate the "Mode for advanced users" function by checking the box next to it and click the "Next" button.
Specify the boundary of two adjacent partitions in which the new volume will be created. Click "Next".Now click on the graphic image of the existing partition to be divided, and set the size of the new volume. Activate the function �Create as a logical partition� by checking the box next to the corresponding caption. Click "Next".
Select the file system format of the new volume. Enter a label for it and click the Next button. In the new window, simply click the "Finish" button to confirm the settings are correct. Open the �Changes� tab and click on the �Apply Changes� item.
If you need to split the disk during the installation of the new OS, then wait until the partition selection menu appears (relevant for Windows Seven and Vista installation programs). Click the "Configure Disk" button and select the section that you want to split into two parts. Click the "Delete" button.
Select the resulting unpartitioned area and click the Create button. Enter the parameters of the future volume and click "Apply". Similarly, create a second local disk. Naturally, the deleted partition will be formatted.

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