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How to create a theme?

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How to create a theme?

Studying the basics of programming and creating websites, beginner site designers are thinking about how to create a theme correctly. In the article we will consider the principles of layout for CMS, namely, how to create a theme in Wordpress, because It is a popular CMS.

Creating a Theme in Wordpress

If you want to make a theme for this CMS, you must follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to make Photoshop layouts. To do this, use GlossyBlue.
  2. Thus, you have a PSD design, make HTML and CSS templates for each page. Use HTML to simplify development - all that remains is to add Wordpress code.
  3. Wordpress pages are formed when applying template php files (index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php).
  4. Now you need to copy the HTML section from GlossyBlue to the wp-content directory. In the glossyblue section, copy searchform.php and comments.php.
  5. Go to the index.html file. Cut the code from the top to the text �! - / header / -� and paste it into a new php file, saving it as header.php. Going to the default section, open header.php. Change tags where required by the php code.
  6. Cut out the code of the index.html file from �form id = searchform� to �div id = sidebar�, paste it into a new file, saving it as sidebar.php
  7. Open index.html again.Cut the code from �div id = footer� to �/ html� and paste it into the new footer.php.
  8. In index.html there will be 1 line �div id = content�. Add the code get_header, get_sidebar, get_footer.
  9. Go to the default section, where go to index.php. You need to copy the loop of the standard index.php into your file between �div id = content� and �/ div�.

Go to the admin panel, open �design�, activate the glossyblue theme, return to the main area of the template. The creation of the theme is completed.

Creating a theme in joomla

  1. Create a directory (the name must match the future template). In it, make 3 files index.php, templateDetails.xml and style file. Each folder must contain an empty index.html created.
  2. You need to create a folder html, which should be layouts and other parts of the site.
  3. Index.php is the main theme file. In it, the second and third lines indicate the type of document for Internet browsers. The fifth line connects the function joomla, which fills the data in the head of the site. She is strictly necessary! 6-8 lines are required for the style of the site. The twelfth line is needed to display the text of the page.
  4. To add new positions to the topic, use the body block. You can add caps, columns and footer. When you install a template, this data will be available in the selection of module positions in the joomla administration panel.

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