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How to create a video in Minecraft?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 28, 2013
How to create a video in Minecraft?

If you are the genius of the popular game “Minecraft”, then sooner or later you will want to tell everyone about some of its tricks. To do this, you can make a clip or a “movie”, in which you will show all your skills and knowledge and help many novice gamers to get right into this game. But before taking on such work, you need to be aware of the question of how to create a video in Minecraft. This can be done with the help of a camera, but the process of creating a video with an ordinary telephone camera takes a lot of time, especially since the video quality always leaves much to be desired.

Video creation software

  • There is a way that involves the use of certain programs in the creation of commercials. There are many such "auxiliary" programs. Among them is CamStudio-Recorder. Like any other, this program must be downloaded to your computer. After installing it, you can record video and save it. You need to find the "File" button, then click on "Record". In the "File" are many functions that will help in recording a video. This is a pause, record, stop.Now you can record the video itself. In order for the final video to be saved on your computer, you need to click file, then stop.
  • There is another program for recording video in the game "Minecraft". It is called "Mine-Imator". With this program you can create a variety of videos, and then upload them to the Internet. This program is one of the most common and easy to manage from all existing. Download the program and put in it all the elements for the video: figures, characters, various objects and so on. You can build houses, create additional people, etc. Now, using the tools in the program, you can create a video game “Minecraft” and upload it to any server. Thanks to the program, you can make both small videos and full-length, long films about the game. This program is convenient because you can choose not only English, but also Russian. Also "Mine-Imator" works in any Windows operating system.

Now you know exactly how to create a video in Minecraft, and you can do it.


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