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How to create a virtual folder

You will need
  • Software Mozilla Thunderbird.
The virtual folder got its name only because its contents are only temporary for the current storage. You open mail, set a filter, specifying the necessary parameters, and certain letters appear inside the virtual folder. Update the current window and the contents of the folder to dissolve in the old directories or delete it manually. It is also possible to customize this tool in such a way that virtual directories will always be present.
To create a virtual folder, click the top menu "File", then left-click on the line "Create a virtualfolder". Also, this action can be performed through the search bar. To do this, after performing a search in the input line, select the option “Save search results asfolder».
In the “New Virtual Folder” window that opens, enter the name in the appropriate field and select the localfolderin which, in turn, will be virtual.Just below you should specify the search terms of letters, if they were not specified before this point. Click OK or press Enter to close the current window.
If for any reason the search for the necessary letters has not yet been set, it can be done later at any time. To do this, simply click the top menu "Edit", select "Find" and click on the line "Search for messages."
To change the search options in an already created virtual folder, click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item. In the dialog that opens, change the search criteria, and then click OK. If you have not found a single letter inside the virtual folder, therefore, you need to update the contents of the directory - click first on any real-life folder, then on the virtual one.

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