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How to create an account on the phone?

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How to create an account on the phone?

Today, smartphones are widespread due to its availability and ease of use and wide opportunities. Below we describe how to create accounts on such phones.

How to create a Google account on Android

In order to create an account in Google, do the following:

  1. Open the gmail application. Select the option "new".
  2. In the window that appears, you will need to enter your first name and surname.
  3. Next come up with the e-mail address itself. If an account with the same name already exists, a message will be displayed stating that the name is not available. Change the name and try again.
  4. In case of successful creation of a name in the next window, you will need to come up with a password for this account and duplicate it 2 times. Try to come up with a password that you will not forget. You should not use a password that is already set up on other accounts.
  5. Next, you will need to enter an additional email address that you or your relatives use.This information is required to restore your account.
  6. In the next field we invent and enter your security question. If you forget your password, the system will ask you this question in the future.
  7. In the field below we write the answer to the secret question.
  8. Account created. Now Google will offer to use other services. You can choose the "Not Now" button.
  9. In the next window, click on the "I agree with the user agreement" button. User agreement can be read by clicking on the link above in the same window.
  10. Next you will see a window with a picture, which will show the numbers and letters. In the text box, duplicate the same characters. Thus, you tell the system that you are a real person, not a robot.

How to create an account in the Play market

To successfully download and install software on a smartphone with Android OS, you need to register in the Play Store and create an account there. The only inconvenience is that for the Play Market account, only the Google mailbox is accepted. How to add an account to the phone? After you have opened the Play Store application, you will see a notification stating that you need to bind the device to Google Mail. If you do not have mail, then click on the "New" option.Next, we create a Google account in the same way as it was described in the first paragraph of the article.

How to create an account on iPhone

iOS phones use a different account system. To complete the work with the iPhone you need to create an account in the iTunes Store and the App Store. In order to create the necessary accounts, you must open the corresponding application. If you enter the application for the first time, you must specify your Apple ID. Select the item "With the existing Apple ID." Next, enter the email address and password. The previously asked security question appears. In the text box below we write the answer to it. In the window that appears there will be a link to the user agreement. At the bottom of the page look for the "Accept" button and click on it. Now you can download free apps.

In order to download paid applications, you need to link a credit card to your account. To do this, enter the appropriate application. When a message appears about the ability to view information, click "View." After that, in the fields that appear, enter the credit card number and its validity period. Click "Next". Credit card details saved. When buying paid applications, money will be deducted from this account.


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