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How to cure constipation?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
January 12, 2015
How to cure constipation?

Regular bowel movement is one of the indicators of a healthy body. Although the norm regarding stool frequency is individual, yet if a bowel movement occurs rarely (every 3-4 days) and it is entered into the system, then constipation can be suspected. Wait until everything goes away by itself, is very dangerous - the decay products, remaining in the body longer than it should be, poison it and can provoke the development of various diseases.

To prevent this, learn how to cure constipation.

Method one - proper nutrition

With a monotonous diet, the abuse of protein food can develop chronic constipation, called alimentary. A small amount or even the complete absence in the diet of plant fiber leads to malfunction of the intestine and, as a result, constipation. Along the way, other symptoms develop: headaches, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, depressive state.

To avoid such dynamics is possible by adjusting proper nutrition.How to do this, tell our article What is with constipation.

Method two - mode

In this context, we are talking about the mode of defecation, that is, an approximate schedule of bowel movements. Of course, it is not necessary to force yourself to force yourself, but it is highly undesirable to restrain the urge. If you do not go to the toilet in time, the reflex is suppressed, the rectal musculature loses its tone and on the next visit you have to push.

To establish the schedule, you can visit the toilet every day 20 minutes after breakfast in order to empty your intestines. If the desired effect is not achieved, it is not necessary to sit “until victory”. Over time, the body will understand what is required of it, and will work like a clock.

You will find more useful information in the article How to get rid of constipation.

Method Three - Laxatives

Use laxatives should be only if defecation does not occur more than 3-4 days (you can before, if the delay in the chair is accompanied by pain and heaviness in the abdomen). Frequent use of drugs with a laxative effect leads to the complete absence of natural stool.

Sometimes constipation has a psychogenic basis and occurs as a result of stress.Here, treatment should be comprehensive, aimed at eliminating the primary cause. Prescribe laxatives should be prescribed by the doctor for each patient individually. You can take a soft natural laxative like Frutolaksa.


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