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How to cure herpes on the lips at home

After hypothermia, swelling and watery bubbles may occur on the lip. In place of a bursting vesicle, a sore forms, which may not heal for a long time. The effect of infection on the body is extinguished by a strong immune system, which must be strengthened by taking vitamins.

Treatment of a cold on the lip requires a long time. It is necessary to immediately begin treatment and prevent the infection from spreading and lead to further inflammation. Use such ointments as "Zovirax", "Bonafton", "Atsigerpin". At the same time, take the tablets "Acyclovir" every 4 hours, accompanied by applying ointment on the painful place.

In the fight against colds, folk remedies help perfectly, which should be used in combination with medications. Colds can be lubricated with apple cider vinegar, which is detrimental to the herpes virus.

Another good folk remedy for treating colds is mint gadgets. 1 tablespoon of dry mint pour over boiling water, then cool a little and put on a sore spot. In the summer, you can take a mint leaf, pour boiling water on it and immediately apply it to the site of injury.

Lubricate the affected place with a cold can aloe juice, as well as garlic and onions. Garlic and onion juice can cause a burning sensation, but it is a very effective remedy, so pain should be tolerated.


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