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How to cure a neck?

Osteochondrosis is a disease in which the metabolism in the intervertebral cartilage is disturbed. It causes great inconvenience, accompanied by severe pain. Faced with this unpleasant disease, people sometimes get lost and do not know how to cure the neck, what methods and ways to use. There are several approaches to treatment, both medicamentous and using folk remedies.

Causes of neck osteochondrosis

Since the present time, osteochondrosis of the neck is falling ill not only in the older generation, as it was before, but also in the young. A sedentary lifestyle, work associated with a long stay at the computer, calls and long conversations with the phone pressed to the ear, at home - lying reclining with a laptop, when people sometimes stay in the same position for hours - all this leads to incurable until the end of the disease osteochondrosis. Cervical vertebrae bend, cartilage thinning, which leads to the infringement of the nerves coming from the spinal cord, the blood vessels are compressed, reducing the blood supply to the brain.

Women are exposed to it much more often, but in a strong half of humanity the disease occurs in more severe forms.

The above are the reasons that directly affect the development of osteochondrosis. In addition to them, there are many other reasons: malnutrition and overweight, metabolic disorders, hereditary predisposition, various spinal injuries, hypothermia, flat feet, wearing high-heeled shoes and others.

How to cure neck chondrosis: methods and techniques

Fully recover from the disease, restore intervertebral cartilage will not work. However, as soon as possible it is necessary to stop the development of the disease, as well as get rid of pain symptoms. When choosing a method or several at once, first of all you should consult with your doctor. Only he can prescribe the right treatment.

  1. Drug treatment. It uses all sorts of ointment with anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. They relax the muscles of the neck, relieve pain, help improve blood circulation and partially restore cartilage.However, such ointments should be used systematically, as they act only when they are applied.
  2. Physiotherapy. This electrophoresis, the use of ultrasound, magnets, treatment with current and dirt. What exactly to appoint - the doctor chooses, based on the individual characteristics of the disease. Today, there is a fairly new way - stretching, the essence of which is to stretch the spine and achieve an increase in the distance between the vertebral discs. This is an excellent pain relief, though not for long.
  3. Warming up and acupuncture. The method is called reflexology. It relieves pain and returns neck mobility. However, doctors today do not support this method.
  4. Manual therapy It is necessary to approach this method very deliberately, since a bad specialist can not be cured but, on the contrary, can only do harm. A good specialist is able to correctly position the vertebrae and improve the patient's well-being.
  5. Blockade is a novelty in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. To carry out the blockade should an experienced doctor. An injection that relieves pain and reduces inflammation is done in a specific area of ​​the cervical region. Today this method is the most effective.
  6. Massage of the neck area.It is used in the treatment of the disease in the initial stages. In acute inflammatory process is strictly prohibited.

Treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies

  • Dough. Cook it better from rye flour. After preparation, leave to rest for 1-2 days. Next, lubricate the neck with turpentine, dough, laid out on a cheesecloth, attach to the sore spot, close with cellophane. This dough can be used several times.
  • In osteochondrosis sheep wool helps a lot. As often as possible to wear products associated with it, even doctors recommend.
  • Ointment own cooking. For it you need half a packet of butter, a spoon of flour, one egg and half a spoon of vinegar. All mix and soak for two days in a warm place. After that, rub the finished ointment as pain arises.
  • Herbs. As herbs for the treatment of neck use leaves of lemon balm or the roots of medicinal althea. To do this, soak them in boiling water and make compresses.

Exercise, monitor health, live a mobile lifestyle - the best prevention of osteochondrosis.


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