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How to cut the bangs to the side

You will need
  • - hairdresser's scisors;
  • - thinning scissors (optional);
  • - clamps;
  • - comb.
If you decide to cutbangson your own, prepare sharp scissors, preferably a hairdressing salon. Separatebangsfrom other hairs with a triangular parting, and pin the bulk of them with clips or collect it with an elastic band. Moisten the hair with a spray bottle, it is easier to cut it smoothly, but note that when the hair is dry, it will rise at the roots and the bangs will look shorter, so do not cut off too long. It is better to cut less than more, so you will have the opportunity to correct in any case. Hold the scissors slightly at an angle. Some recommend first to take a strand from the middle part of the bangs, shorten it to the desired length, then to focus on it when trimming the rest of the hair. Shear gradually, one at a time, and not in one motion. Exactly trimmedbangsYou can brush it to the side and spray it with varnish.
Another option is to make an initially obliquebangs. Separate the hair for bangs so that they form a triangular parting. Wet your hair or leave it dry (there are different points of view on this matter), comb it. Gently cut the hair at the desired angle. Profile as desiredbangs, retracting strands and passing along their edges with thinning scissors. Do not overdo it, but it is better to first observe how they make up the filigree in the barbershop or watch a video tutorial on the Internet. Bangs will be more magnificent if you do without filing.
If you are not sure that you can cut your hair smoothly, it is better to visit the hairdresser, yet bangs are the most prominent part of the hairstyle. This is especially the case whenbangsneed to do from scratch. If you already have bangs, your task is simplified, because you only have to shorten it, and for this you need a little care and accuracy.

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