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How to decorate the cake with fruit?

If you decide to bake a cake with your own hands, then you need to decorate it. Cakes from the store are often decorated with creams. Therefore, to surprise your family and guests, try decorating the cake with fruit pieces. This option is suitable for summer, when there is a lot of fruit, and for winter, when you want to try a piece of summer.

What cakes are decorated with fruit

Fruit can decorate any cake. Best of all for such a decoration is suitable light biscuit and a delicate cream, and jelly. You can buy ready-made cakes and make cream from sour cream or yogurt. Fruit slices can be decorated with cottage cheese or soft cheese cheesecake. The taste of puff pastry also goes well with fruits and berries.

It is best to make a cake with an even top and sides. It can be rectangular or round. A simple form is best suited, as bright fruit will distract attention from an intricate form.

What fruit to choose for decoration

Before you learn how to decorate a cake with fruit, decide what fruit to choose for decoration.In the summer it is best to stay on more acidic fruits or berries, and in the winter - on sweet ones. The most important thing is to choose fresh fruits so that they do not lose their appearance too quickly. Almost any kind of fruit is suitable for cakes: oranges, kiwi, peaches, apricots, pineapples, bananas, apples, etc. You can add berries such as currants, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, cherries, strawberries.

Fruit preparation

Large fruits are cut into thin slices and spread on the surface of the cake. Strawberries and grapes can also be cut in half. Bones are removed from fruits and berries. Some fruits can also be peeled.

Ideas for decoration

  • If you do not know how to beautifully decorate the cake with fruit, try pouring them with a thin layer of jelly. The color of jelly is best chosen to match the fruit or take the colorless. Thanks to the jelly layer, the fruit will not lose its color. If you decide to lay out the fruit complex and fragile pattern, then a layer of jelly will fix it.
  • Pieces of fruit and berries can be pre-roll in powdered sugar or sugar. White powder will look spectacular on bright fruits and berries, for example, on cherries.
  • Slices of banana or strawberry can be dipped in hot chocolate and put on the cake. While the chocolate is not frozen, you can dip the fruit in crushed nuts or coconut chips.
  • Any fruit will look original if laid out with an interesting pattern. If you want to decorate the cake with fruit, photos with different patterns will help to spread the pieces very beautifully. For example, they can be laid out in the form of butterflies, flowers or hearts. If you take the matter seriously, you can lay out almost any drawing with pieces of fruit. To do this, you need to think about what kind of fruit you need and how to cut it. Plant motifs look very impressive: leaves of kiwi and petals of bright fruits and berries. You can also lay out birds of paradise with colorful plumage of slices.
  • With the help of carving knives or even with the help of an ordinary knife, fruits can be cut into pieces. You can make a rose or lemon from a lemon or an orange by carefully laying out the petals from thin slices in a circle, from a strawberry or banana - a fan if you make several deep parallel cuts and unfold them, and a star-shaped rosette from kiwi and apples.If red apples are not peeled and cut into thin strips, you will get chrysanthemum petals.
  • Fruit can be combined with whipped cream. Their tastes are perfectly combined with each other.

Now you know how to decorate any cake beautifully and in an original way. It all depends on the skill and flight of your imagination.


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