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How to decorate the door?

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How to decorate the door?

The first thing we see when entering any apartment is, of course, the doors. They come from different materials, differ in color and design. Modern stores offer their customers a large selection of entrance and interior doors. If you wish, you can order decoration from a professional designer, but it should be borne in mind that such services are not cheap. If your plans do not include spending a lot of money on the door decoration, then you can decorate them yourself.

We decorate the front door

Many do not know how to decorate the door so that it becomes attractive from the inside and from the outside. In fact, everything is simple, give free rein to your imagination, and you will succeed.

  1. You can upholstered with cloth or leatherette. To do this, you need to measure the width and height of the door. According to the obtained dimensions, adding 2 cm on each side of the bends, cut the canvas.
  2. You need to try on the blank to the door, if it fits, then you can make an opening in the canvas for the handle, which is better to unscrew in advance so that it does notDoorsinterfered with.Next, take a cloth or leatherette and nail them with decorative studs.
  3. You can also use forged parts such as hinges, chains or rings to decorate the door. Romantic natures can decorate the outer surface with cute butterflies or stencil flowers.
  4. If you do not want to spoil the surface of the door, then put potted flowers on the landing. They will be a wonderful decoration of the entire entrance.

Great ideas would be painting the doors. To do this, read the article How to paint the door.

How to decorate interior doors?

  1. Use mosaic for door decoration. It adheres well (it is recommended to use the �Moment� glue for a special surface),Doorshas a small size and a variety of colors.
  2. In order for your drawing to look good on the doors, it should be done first on paper. After that, you can stick the mosaic, focusing on the picture.
  3. Make pictures using a stencil spray paint. To do this, you first need to glue the door with masking tape, cut the picture and apply paint. After it dries, remove the entire tape.Along the edge of the picture you can glue colored stones or large beads.

If you can not decide how to decorate the old door, then think about such a style as vintage. It is distinguished by elements of antiquity, wear. Therefore, when decorating old doors, the same black-and-white photographs that can be framed and attached to the door with the help of ordinary studs are well suited.


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