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How to decorate the yard?

Owners of private houses have at least one big advantage - the presence of their own territory. The space around your home can be compared with a real canvas, which is waiting for an experienced designer or painter and wants to be filled with colors and look in a new way. By connecting your own imagination, or inviting an experienced landscape designer, you can diversify a corner of your territory. The decoration of the courtyard will bring only joy to its owner, because a beautiful courtyard will undoubtedly be a great place for a pleasant stay.

It is worth starting the design from the front part of the house, initially decorating the front garden, because this place is the gateway to your paradise.

As a rule, the most advantageous option for decorating the parade of the plot of the house is a flower garden. Moreover, it is possible to decorate the front part of the courtyard with various colors, but it is best to apply one look. So it will look much brighter and smarter.

How to decorate the courtyard with flowers

One of the best flowers to decorate the courtyard, are marigolds.These annual plants are quite unpretentious and very bright look. For their earlier flowering, flowers are best grown through seedlings. It is worth noting that marigolds look great when there are a lot of them, that is, in a certain area, it is better to plant a large number of flowers of one shade. To decorate your own courtyard, it is not necessary to plant marigolds in flowerbeds; you can plant them in containers, flowerpots or wheels. Caring for plants is not too meticulous, they need to be watered only in hot weather. Flowering of various species of marigolds occurs before the frost.

How to decorate the yard with your own hands

  • A small but neat pond will undoubtedly give originality to your plot. During the warm season, you can even run fish into it. But such pleasure requires no less care than the pool. It is necessary to constantly remove fallen leaves and husks from the pond, clean the surface from moss or mold. A small pond fits perfectly into the interior of a small garden, it will create peace and deliver pleasure.
  • A little thought, you can figure out how to decorate the yard with your own hands.For example, you can make in the yard tracks. Then during dirty weather, instead of walking through mud or sand, you can safely move along a paved path. To do this, you can use a tree trunk sawn on many rings. These wooden rings will also be able to divide your living area into several sectors, and create more space for walking. Now you can admire the beauty without getting your feet dirty.
  • A little reflection and giving your reasoning a bit of originality, you can easily create a real and beautiful decor, with the help of twigs and a rope. Having created mini fences, or fences from branches, you can wrap them in decorative ivy, climbing flowers, or just grape shoots, so that you are transported into the past. It looks beautiful and elegant. Still not sure how to decorate your yard? Photos of various models of fences can be easily viewed on the Internet.

Garden figures

Probably, this is the most favorite way to add variety and elegance to your site. You can decorate the courtyard with a variety of colored mushrooms, giant insects, funny animals, gnomes, or just a flashlight, working on solar batteries. Interesting sculptures will fit into almost any interior.You can do it yourself, but if you don’t know how to decorate the yard with your own hands, you can view photos of the statuettes and their installation instructions on the Internet, or in a specialized salon.


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