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How to delete history in Explorer?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
July 25, 2014
How to delete history in Explorer?

If you often use the Internet Explorer browser and do not clear the history, then surely a lot of information has accumulated there. Let's find out how to delete the browsing history in the Explorer.

  1. Select "View" from the command line.
  2. In the list that opens, click on the option "Browser Panels".
  3. Now select the "Log" section.
  4. This will open a dialog box where you will find information about the browsed sites according to dates.
  5. To delete the entire history, select all entries and right-click on the menu. In the menu, select the option "Delete". Is done.
  6. To delete a separate entry, you need to select only one of them and also right-click. Select "Delete."

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