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How to develop a reaction?

By reaction is meant a conscious response to a certain external influence; it is one of the manifestations of such physical quality as speed. The speed of reaction is of great importance not only in sports, but also in everyday life, filled with stressful situations and technological hazards. To learn how to develop a reaction, you need to understand its components in the human body.

Types and structure of the reaction

In psychology, reactions are divided into simple and complex. Under the simple reaction understand the answer to one stimulus. A complex reaction involves responding to several stimuli simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to train both the body’s response to single stimuli and multiple ones.

Any reaction has a certain structure, consisting of three components:

  • The preliminary period at which the signal is perceived.
  • The main, or latent period at which the signal is realized.
  • The executive period at which stage the response takes place.

From this it follows that the reaction rate depends largely on the physiology of a particular person, that is, is innate. For example, it is impossible to change the speed of passage of a nerve impulse. At the same time, a number of components determining the reaction rate are amenable to improvement through special training. For each type of activity and sport that requires a high reaction rate, there are different training methods. However, there are a number of tips aimed at how to develop a reaction rate that can be used independently.

We develop the reaction rate

  • Well-developed reaction sports games with moving objects, such as football, handball, hockey. They help to improve reflexes, make the brain respond faster to the situation.
  • Running over rough terrain causes the brain to respond to the environment, especially if during it you have to overcome various obstacles, natural or artificial. Just do not forget about security!
  • Well trains reaction speed exercise with a tennis ball. It is necessary to stand against the wall and try to catch the ball, throwing it against the wall with a rebound from the ground. For a better workout, you can change the angle of rebound and using different types of balls.
  • Boxing is a great way to train your reaction. There are many special exercises, how to develop a reaction in boxing. Therefore, even if it is not possible to practice this sport, you can adopt any of these exercises. The simplest exercise is the so-called "cracker". The partner places his palm in such a way that it is convenient to strike at it. After that, you need to try with a fist to strike the palm. The partner will try to get ahead of the strike and remove the palm. After a while, the partners switch roles.
  • Computer games will improve the reaction of the eyes and sharpen fine motor skills of hands. In this case, the reaction rate increases without large physical costs.
  • Accelerate reflexes will help simple exercise for vision. We need to take a pen and focus on it. After some time, you need to dramatically change the focus of view, focusing on any other object in the room.

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