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How to disable UAC in Windows 7?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 18, 2012
How to disable UAC in Windows 7?

User Account Control System (UAC) is a Windows function that allows you to prevent unauthorized access to the system files of your computer, in other words, it protects you from the remote launch of malware on your computer.

UAC provides protection by requesting either a password or confirmation of the launch of a program. Despite all the advantages of the control system, it has one significant drawback - it is a constant request to confirm the launch of a Windows program. After some time, it becomes annoying to any user, and in some cases it can ruffle you! So, the dialog box that constantly appears on the user's desktop when programs are started is the UAC control system. Therefore, to facilitate your life, you can advise the user to disable UAC, even though the Microsoft developer does not recommend it.

Disabling UAC does not mean that your computer will not be protected after allowing the launch of a suspicious program.In this case, the computer uses a firewall that blocks unwanted connections, you also need to have on your computer a normal antivirus, which can already have embedded control systems running programs. But the user is asked how to disable UAC in Windows 7. For this we have created a special guide that will easily help you to do this.

How to disable UAC in Windows 7: instructions

Click Start (bottom left of the desktop), find the line "Search" and in this line write the phrase (msconfig). In the dialog box that opens, go to the tab (Service), then find the row in the list (Disable User Account Control), select and disable, and then click (Run) to save the parameters. For the changes to take effect, you must restart the computer. To reverse the inclusion of UAC, follow the steps described above, only in the list you will need to click (Enable User Account Control).


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