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How to distinguish parrots?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
November 17, 2014
How to distinguish parrots?

Parrots are not only cheerful, lively, funny and beautiful, but also learnable, so many choose them as their pet. At the same time, few know how to distinguish a female from a male. It is important to pay attention to a number of signs, then you will not go wrong, and the seller will not be able to deceive you.

Wavy parrots

Most often the house give birth to a wavy parrot. They are the most popular and unpretentious feathered pets. To find out the sex of budgies, it is necessary to pay attention to their wax flask. So, in females, it is first pink and white, and then turns brown by 3-5 months. In males, the stem is pink, and by 3-4 months it turns blue. You can also pay attention to the color of the eyes. In males, they are black, and with age there is a white edging. The paws of them, as a rule, have a bluish tint, while in females they are pinkish.

In addition, it is possible to determine the sex of budgies by the shape of their head. In females, it is slightly sharpened, while in males, on the contrary, the crown is wide.It is also recommended to observe the behavior of the feathered. So, if he likes to show off, fight and sing loudly, he is a boy. Girls behave more calmly. They adore little in front of the mirror, sing quietly and behave with restraint with other birds.

Corella parrots

Coral parrots have a very bright color. It is possible to determine the sex of such a feathery not earlier than 3.5 months, since from this age the boys begin to exercise regularly in their vocal talents. Females sing very rarely and behave calmly. After the plumage changes (by 6-8 months), male parrots become even brighter, their red-orange cheeks are especially remembered. In females, rounded outlines of the body begin to appear, and on the wings - feathers with grayish tips.

Cockatoo parrots

Some give birth to an exotic parrot - the cockatoo. It is possible to distinguish its sex only by the color of the iris. So, in males it is always very dark, and in females it is light brown.


More recently, it became possible to start as a pet red-tailed parrot, which has a hot-tempered temperament.To determine its gender, it is necessary to pay attention to the head. In males, it is very powerful, and in females it is small. You can also determine the sex of the red-tailed parrot by its beak. In males it is large, and in females it is small.

Austrian parrots

Another interesting type of parrot - Austrian. Such a feathered male has a small pelvis, for this reason he holds the paws together in a sitting position, while the female puts the paws.


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