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How to distinguish the Beats?

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How to distinguish the Beats?

Monster Beats headphones have gained immense popularity in the world due to their quality. They look stylish and sound great. Headphones are bought by avid music lovers and musicians who feel the sound subtly, as well as by ordinary people. And everyone is satisfied with the high-quality sound of the headphones, which, by the way, are very expensive.

However, in 2012, Beats Electronics terminated its contract with Monster and began producing headphones without using the word “Monster”. The product did not become worse in quality, but only changed the owner of the brand. But on some recently released models, the word "Monster" is still present, which directly indicates a fake from China.

Carefully consider how to distinguish the Beats from the Chinese fake.

How to distinguish Beats from fake

It is not always easy to distinguish original, high-quality Beats brand headphones from a cheap Chinese counterfeit. This requires to be very careful when buying. Here are some simple tips that will point you to a possible fake and save you from buying low-quality goods:

  • Always pay attention to packaging.It should look holistic, organic, and headphones should sit perfectly in it without bumps and irregularities. If you notice that the packaging is small for headphones or has defects, then you should refuse to buy such headphones;
  • The cover on the packaging of original headphones always opens up and sideways, and on a fake it can open in a different way, which will indicate to you a low-quality product;
  • The bottom of the box should always be black. If it is a different color, then it is clearly a fake;
  • There is always an autograph and a photo of the famous rapper Dr. on the back or side of the package. Dre. If the image is clear and not blurred, then this is the original;
  • The headphones should additionally have a serial number stamped on it, which you can also check for. If there is no number or it is not valid, then it is a Chinese fake;
  • The package should always be a bag with additional nozzles that are packed neatly. If there are no nozzles or they are thrown at random, then this is an obvious fake;
  • On the plug and cords, you must find the identification labels of the company headphones. If they are missing, misplaced or written incorrectly, then this is a fake;
  • In the package there is always a little book-instruction to the headphones. If there is no such booklet, and instead of it a pile of papers in different languages, then this is a fake;
  • Also pay attention to the quality of the materials of the headphones. The paint should be of high quality and should not be erased from the impact, and the wires and headphones should not be defective or damaged. If you see that the headphones are erased or damaged by mechanical impact, then this is a poor-quality Chinese product.

Buying headphones from this well-known brand is always better in branded, well-known hardware stores like Eldorado, MVideo and others.


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