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How to draw a bone?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
March 6, 2013
How to draw a bone?

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How to draw a bone?

Some things are easy to draw, and some are not. We offer to learn from the simple. For example, how to draw a bone? Easy to say you, and you will not quite right. To make it look natural, we must try. We take a pencil and a landscape sheet.

  • Draw two parallel lines. This is the side of our bone. The length and width depend on the size of the bone.
  • Now form the sides. They may look like undrawn hearts with smooth edges or have more clumsy shapes. Here you can turn on the fantasy or peep in the anatomical directory in the "Skeleton" section.
  • To give a more natural look to the bones, you need to add cracks and dents. To do this, in the sidewalls in the shape of a heart, opposite the hollow we draw arcs. Their outer side will look at the center of the bone. Cracks can have the form of a straight line and be in different places. You should not strongly direct these lines, they should be slightly noticeable.

Now you know how to draw bones. You can paint the picture or add a couple of bones and a skull to make it look more interesting.


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