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How to draw a castle?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 13, 2013
How to draw a castle?

The castle is a magnificent structure, with many small details that are quite difficult and long to draw. Therefore, many emerging artists wonder how to draw a castle?

If you decide to draw a castle, but you do not get out, do not be upset ahead of time. First of all, you must clearly imagine it. It is better, of course, to find its prototype, it will be easier to navigate the details.

Draw a castle

Before you draw a castle with a pencil, you should decide on its details. It is necessary to try to estimate what it should contain, how many towers an inn will have, and what material it will be made of. After that, you can proceed to the first stage, where you will need to draw all the guiding lines of the castle. It is necessary to clearly draw the contours of the architectural structure and draw its foundation. After that, you can proceed to the second stage. In the course of it you need to use the lines and forms of the first stage, stretching out the bases and pointed tops for each part of the construction.It should be noted that all the lower parts should be made in the form of a cup and the upper in the form of a pyramid. You also need to draw the windows, doors and the top layer of bricks to give it a conceived shape.

The next step involves erasing all the guide lines that were drawn first. As a result, your castle must take the form conceived earlier, with all the details. Also at this step you need, using techniques of pencil known to you, to decorate the towers made with various patterns or flags.

Now, your castle should look like a complete picture. But if you want to make any changes to it, then you need to do this carefully so as not to spoil its details. In addition, you can draw any background, perhaps you want to have a ditch in front of it, or a winding path that runs through fields and vineyards.

Now you know how to draw a castle in stages, and you can do it easily and quickly, and most importantly, the result will make many people admire your drawing.

How to draw a castle

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