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How to draw a gun?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 13, 2013
How to draw a gun?

Passion for the pistols have men and little boys. Agree that now toy models of pistols are practically no different from real weapons. Agree that information on how to draw a pistol with a pencil can be useful for both children and adults.

Before you draw a gun, carefully consider the toy model that you will use as a model, or find a picture with the image of the weapon you need (gun model). In fact, if the gun is mentally divided into parts, you can see that it consists of the most ordinary geometric shapes. We will need to draw the main parts of the gun - the barrel, the handle, the trigger guard.

We draw a gun in stages

So let's take a look at how to draw a gun in stages. Take a piece of paper and a pencil. Sketch on it two rectangles, perpendicularly located to each other. One will serve as the trunk, the other - the handle. Schedule the place of the trigger guard.Draw a hole through which the ejection occurs. From this hole you need to hold to the front of the trunk horizontal lines. Now near the back of the gun you need to draw vertical lines that are very close to each other.

Circle the entire outline of the gun, slightly rounding out all the corners and lines. We draw the back of the gun, sight and sight. At the very end we add a fly and a trigger, add a trigger. In more detail we draw the handle and protect. Give shape to the resulting pistol and remove the eraser with all unnecessary lines. If desired, decorate.

How to draw a gun

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