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How to attract a guy?

Probably all the girls in the world dream that they liked the guy they liked. But how to attract a guy, how to ensure that he does not pass by, how to fall in love with himself, not everyone knows. Sometimes the desire to attract the young man you like is so strong that the girl uses all her weapons, all her methods and methods of seduction that she knows.

Secrets of female attractiveness

Be sexy in every way. A beautiful hairstyle, stylish dress, well-groomed nails, fashionable shoes - this, of course, is all as old as the world, and trite to disgrace. However, men still act as weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to attract a guy at school that you have fallen in love with, do not neglect your sexuality and ability to dress beautifully! Show yourself, and the young man who you like will definitely notice and appreciate.

Watch your posture. It is by posture that you can immediately determine how confident a girl is in herself. Sad shoulders and looking down have never attracted young people. Be sure to exercise at home and, going outside, do not forget to keep your back straight.

Be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene and better choose a deodorant odorless or with a faint aroma. Naturally, it is strictly forbidden to pour a half-bottle of perfume on yourself, even if it is branded perfume. You still do not know what flavors he likes, and the probability of not guessing his preferences will be too great.

Strong friendship

If you do not know how to attract the attention of the guy, as often as possible look in his direction. Everyone knows that sometimes the attractive looks of a charming girl are better than any words. When your eyes meet, do not look away at once, but hold your eyes on your chosen one. In this view, you need to invest everything that you feel to him, but to do it so that the guy still remains in the end in doubt.

Make contact with the guy. First overcome your natural shyness, and then speak to him. The subject of your conversation should be some kind of abstract topic, but if you can’t think of it, you can just ask for something - a pen or paper. During the conversation, try to find common interests. If you want, pretend that you are interested in what he is talking about, but do not lose your individuality under any circumstances.

Make friends with the object of your sigh.This may seem very difficult, but everyone knows that in order to build relationships, you must first learn to be friends with the person you like. Feel free to tell him what's interesting to you. In addition, learn to listen to your chosen one. Let the guy feel like someone special, and he will definitely understand that you, like no other, are interested in friendship with him.

Emergency tips

If your boyfriend is impenetrable, like a rock, then just try to cry, having found some good reason for this. Our grandmothers used this method when they didn’t know how to attract a guy who likes it. A rare man will resist the feminine tears! You will see - at first he will pat you on the head, then he will press to the mighty chest and begin to whisper words of consolation! Even if the tears will not cause any reaction in him, then you probably should think about whether you need such a young man at all.

If none of the above methods worked, try to cause negative feelings in a guy you like. To get started, try to piss off your darling. From love to hate, as everyone knows, one step, and the fact that mad rage can turn into a wild passion, has been known for a long time. If this does not help, cause jealousy.As you know, men, like children, want to roll only the typewriter that is already taken. This method is very suitable for girls who are thinking about how to attract a former guy, and have already tried all possible methods. In the end, start just ignoring the guy. The loss of all interest in his precious person will cause a surge of male pride and a desire to call your attention at all costs.

Finally, be defenseless, it's so feminine! Everyone knows that the art of being defenseless is one of the ways how to attract a guy to a girl. Instinctive desire to protect the fatherland, humiliated and insulted by real men is always in the blood. Seeing your weakness, he will unconsciously try to support you. You can even make some mistake or mistake, for example, drop folders with papers - and he will certainly want to help you. Be sure to remember: there are no girls who do everything without error, and the help received from the hands of your boyfriend is what you are aiming for.

So, these tips should help someone who doesn't know how to attract a guy who likes.Follow them, be sure to believe in yourself, and everything will work out for you. When you see that he has often started looking in your direction, approaching you with questions on various trifling occasions, then consider that you have reached your goal!


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