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How to draw a road?

Alena Bondar
Alena Bondar
January 28, 2013
How to draw a road?

Small artists often torture their parents with a difficult question for them: how to draw a road and make a landscape full-fledged? At first glance it seems that it is very difficult to explain to a child. But actually, it’s quite simple to do, the main thing is to know how to do it and follow a certain algorithm of actions and, of course, include your own imagination.

Let's start with the preparation and description of all the materials we need. In order to draw the road we need: ordinary album sheets, simple, pay attention not color, pencil, washing gum, ruler, and various other materials that will help you later to decorate your masterpiece. After you have diligently prepared all the materials we need, proceed directly to the hard work.

How to draw a railroad

First you need to hold on a piece of paper a clear horizon line. Then schematically depict the railway in perspective.Next you need to move the point at which all the horizon lines converge to the right side. After that, you just need to combine all the lines, thus making the way. So, we carefully look into our own drawing, after which we raise the vanishing point above the horizon, and only then combine the vanishing point with the directions of the road. And now we need to lower the point again, but already below the horizon level. We mark out the railway with a felt-tip pen or a bright pencil. If you clearly followed the instructions above and followed all the points described above, then everything should turn out beautifully. A wonderful result of our hard work should be a great railway stretching off into the distance. Well, this work does not end there, as the final, but very interesting stage comes next - decorating and coloring your own drawing, at your own discretion, fantasy and desire.


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