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How to draw a tank?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 8, 2012
How to draw a tank?

Probably every boy as a child painted military equipment, and someone still does it. However, more often than not, drawings are not obtained as they want to be. In this small tutorial we will tell you how to draw a tank with a pencil.

In order to get a good picture, you first need to select the model of the tank that you want to draw. After that, begin to draw a pencil on a piece of paper form a tank. If it is difficult to draw straight lines, you can use a ruler. We need to start with the dome (tower) of the tank and move down. Then you can begin to detail the upper part of the structure, namely, to draw a hatch that helps tankers to get out of the car. Thus, we have already reviewed several steps of how to draw a tank in stages.

The next step is to outline the barrel of the tank. To do this, you need to imagine what kind of shells a technician will shoot and draw a barrel of the appropriate diameter. After that you can go to the bottom of the tank.Now it is possible to "modernize" our design by making the tank armored. Similarly, you can add our tank and additional weapons to attack - for example, a machine gun in front. In general, it is best to look at the photos of models of various techniques before the drawing process, then it will become much clearer how to draw a tank and other equipment.

Now we draw the lower part of the tank - its tracks (tracks) and the lower part of the armor. The tracks consist of a multitude of wheels, so when drawing them you need to be especially careful that your drawing exactly matches the model, because we draw real technique, and not fantastic devices. Therefore, as carefully as possible, try to study the structure of the wheels of the tank. The last stage is to erase the auxiliary lines and draw symbols on the armor that correspond to the nationality of the tank. If you wish, you can paint it with colored pencils or whatever you want. If any details you do not understand, you can watch a video on how to draw a tank - good, video tutorials on the Internet are great.


Note the main points. Try to transfer the original as accurately as possible - this is especially important for beginning artists, because this is how you hone your skills.Do not be lazy and look more pictures with the objects that you will draw - note some details with which you have difficulty in drawing. Use when drawing auxiliary lines to preserve the proportions - they are easy to erase afterwards, and they will serve you considerable service. Hopefully, now no one will have difficulties with drawing techniques, because if you follow all the recommendations, it is not difficult to draw a tank and a child.


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