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How to draw a wolf with a pencil?

Elena Alekseeva
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How to draw a wolf with a pencil?

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How to draw a wolf with a pencil?

The wolf appears in many children's fairy tales, epics, legends of the peoples of the world, often depicted as a simpleton who is easy to hold. The wolf personifies freedom and independence, in fights with the enemy, he fights for life, but for death - either victory or nothing.

As everyone is well aware, wolves live in families, and, unlike other animals, a wolf chooses a mate only once.

If you want, but do not know how to draw a wolf with a pencil, read the article carefully and have a little patience.

Some tips

So, a wolf is in many ways similar to a dog, and therefore it will not be difficult to draw it. The wolf is distinguished by its larger size, long legs and neck. The tail of the wolf is almost always omitted. Consider this in your creations.

For drawing you need an eraser, simple pencils (preferably different degrees of hardness).

How to draw a howling wolf with a pencil

Drawing a wolf for his usual occupation is quite simple, the main thing is to carefully follow all stages of drawing.

  1. First of all, outline the rough contours of the future wolf - draw a circle and face (you can draw it as a rectangle while). Draw a neck, do everything for now, like a sketch.Wolf
  2. Now you can start rounding the rectangle, turning it into a muzzle and do not forget that you are drawing a howling wolf, which means that the upper line of the rectangle should later become the nose, but the next chin should be divided by the lower line of the rectangle in half.
  3. Then you can proceed to drawing more detailed details - draw a nose, mouth with teeth. Then, where the neck was marked, begin to draw the ear and smoothly proceed to drawing the wool.
  4. When all the details are ready, erase the auxiliary lines; the wolf's coat can be painted with a simple pencil.

In such a simple way you will get a painted portrait of a howling wolf. If you wish, you can finish the moon, against the background of which the wolf howls, the mountains ... In general, everything that your fantasy tells you and will allow skills. The finished picture can be hung in a frame on the wall or donated to someone.


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