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How to draw an elephant?

Denis Mulchin
Denis Mulchin
March 21, 2013
How to draw an elephant?

To understand how to draw an elephant, you need a little bit to understand its anatomy. This knowledge will help to draw a more realistic picture. Let's see what an elephant has: two large ears, two large tusks, a thick-skinned and durable torso, four large legs. This animal in reality weighs more than two tons, so the elephant needs to be drawn with a round and large body, which will give it the appearance of a powerful animal. Instructions on how to draw an elephant in stages:

  • To begin with, on a piece of paper we denote the place where our elephant will be located.
  • And now we draw the main elements of the body of an elephant - a large torso, trunk and big ears.
  • Then we put small details - a tail, canines and eyes.
  • Remove the auxiliary line with an eraser, apply shading, which will give the picture realistic.

As for the ears, they should have a thin round shape. Feet elephant draw in the form of small rectangles. Try to draw an elephant, and other animals, natural. For the head we draw an oval, for the body we draw a larger oval.Then draw four rectangles, these will be legs. After that, draw the ears. The drawing ends with the outline of the eyes, tail, tusks and hoofs. So, from simple forms you can get a picture of an elephant.

Draw a pencil

Now you know how to draw an elephant with a pencil and can begin to practice. For starters, you can try to draw only the head of the animal. When the head will turn out well, you can start drawing the whole elephant. Remember that large round shapes give your painted elephant realistic power and weight. The key to drawing an elephant is drawing lines of tusks and large ears. They betray the little elephants and big elephants that realistic appearance.

If we talk about the color of an elephant, then it can be obtained by mixing yellow and dark brown pencils. This color is closest to the real color of these animals.


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