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How to draw graffiti for beginners? How to learn to paint graffiti beautifully?

How to draw graffiti for beginners? How to learn to paint graffiti beautifully?

How to draw graffiti for beginners? How to learn to paint graffiti beautifully?

During a walk through the city you can find on the fences, walls of houses, in the passages bright and, at first glance, not entirely clear drawings. But if you look closely and look around, the image becomes more understandable, the artist’s handwriting and the plot itself begin to be recognized. Graffiti is starting to like more and more when you look at it better. Maybe after you and yourself want to learn how to draw graffiti and you will love this kind of art.


In this article, we will tell all about graffiti: their differences from other types of visual arts and give some tips to beginner graffiti masters.


Translated from the Italian word graffiti ("graffiti") translated as "scratch." This is one of the new directions of visual art, which mainly attracts young people and teenagers. From the very beginning, this art form was considered to be from the street.When you fully familiarize yourself with this article, you will know the essence of graffiti and you will know how to draw graffiti for beginners.


The origin of graffiti, the distinctive features of graffiti



Graffiti, as an art, was born in the seventies in the city of New York, and the first popular rewriter was a man with the nickname "Taki 183". Reiter (writer) - an artist who draws in the style of graffiti. About Taki 183 it is known that he was the first person who wrote his nickname on the wall with a marker, to which he added the number of the quarter in which he lives. After him, graffiti and acquired such a form that we know now: incomprehensible signs that are interwoven with the letter written by the writer. The Russian-speaking population prefers to use the word “nickname” instead of the word “nickname”, which no rewriter takes offense.


Graffiti is a work that is depicted in the entrance or on the city wall, so if you think you can master the true art of graffiti, if you figure out how to draw graffiti on Facebook, draw graffiti on paper in a pencil on the wall in your room, then you are mistaken .


Over time, adolescents who grew up in the poor neighborhoods of New York began to come up with nicknames for themselves, which were written in hard-to-understand type. In the same quarters they had a huge scope for creativity, where you can create graffiti, as much as you like. In this case, no one will do anything to you. Rerayers began to gather in the whole team and painted everything that occurred on their way: cars, fences, garbage cans. A team of several rewriters is called "crew".


How to draw graffiti for beginners? How to learn to paint graffiti beautifully?


There were brave souls who managed to paint the trains so that people around would recognize and see their graffiti. Thus, this art form became known throughout the States, and graffiti became part of street art (any street art).


Attitude to graffiti is different everywhere. For example, in France it is almost impossible to meet graffiti, but on the territory of the Scandinavian Peninsula you can admire it from the windows of trains. The official name of this art is "graffiti-art".


How to learn to draw graffiti for beginners



How to learn to draw graffiti for beginners

How to learn to draw graffiti for beginners?

In Russia, this type of art began to gain popularity from the mid-90s, then, when break dance, which was an echo of hip-hop and hippie culture.The rewriters of Russia demonstrated their creations at large hip-hop festivals, although they were limited mainly to drawing their names.


If you want to figure out how to draw graffiti, then it’s with such little things as writing your nickname that you should start. Add volume to it, do not limit yourself to a single plane, draw bubbles, arrows, experiment with a mixture of paints. To learn how to draw graffiti you need to work out the little things in the first stage, which you will then need to create large works. The more incomprehensible your drawing will be, the more interesting it will be to the one who will later look at it.


Of course, you have seen in films how to draw graffiti, but before picking up a spray can, practice to start on a piece of paper and figure out how to draw with a pencil, so as not to spoil the drawing on the street. To learn how to draw graffiti on paper, you must first practice copying finished drawings or invent your own characters. You need to come up with your own “tag” and how you will portray it. Prepare several options, and then work out the best, until you can portray it in seconds.


Tag, from the English word "tag" in the communities of graffiti lovers call the signature, which the rewriter leaves under his work. It should be performed in the same type with a marker or spray of white or black color. “Taggers” is a concept that is applied to those graffiti lovers who mostly deal with the image of their tag, which prevents them from joining the ranks of rewriters.


How to learn to paint graffiti beautifully?

How to learn to paint graffiti beautifully?


The process, when you understand how to draw graffiti with a pencil on a piece of paper and work out your skills, is called sketch (sketch) - drawing on paper, which is depicted for further transfer to the wall.


How to draw graffiti using a stencil

How to learn to draw graffiti using a stencil?


Experienced rewriters in the instructions on how to draw graffiti for beginners advise beginners to experiment more with the color palette, because the simplest multi-colored graffiti will be much better than the complex in black and white.


How to draw graffiti using a stencil

How to draw graffiti with a stencil?

To create good graffiti, you will not need much more than having a natural talent for drawing and does not require special completion of an art college.Of course, at first, when you learn to draw graffiti, you still have to figure out how to make a stencil for graffiti and learn the technique of light and shade and a combination of bright colors.


Stencils for graffiti, as a rule, are drawn and cut out of hard paper. Most often it is the face of celebrities or ordinary drawings. On the contour of the stencil put a picture, from which a wonderful picture is obtained, and you can apply the stencil several times.


Using a stencil is a great opportunity to put a picture. Once you better master the technique of graffiti, then the need for a stencil will disappear. You will use a stencil except to emphasize the clarity of the lines of the pattern. Experienced graffiti artists in the arsenal have stencils for all occasions: broken lines, hemispheres, straight lines.


Where to draw graffiti?



When you go to the street to paint graffiti, you will face the harsh Russian reality, because if you paint graffiti in public places, then you endanger yourself with criminal punishment, which, at a minimum, is a fine of 100,000 rubles, and maximum deprivation freedom for up to 10 years.This concerns public places, but there are so many wastelands, deaf streets and abandoned buildings around. In any city you can find such a secluded place.


Where to draw graffiti?


In addition, some construction companies are ready to invite graffiti professionals themselves to decorate the fences around the building with their own drawings. There are tenants of multi-storey buildings who themselves do not mind when the rewriters put their graffiti in their courtyards and entrances.


Where to draw graffiti?

Where to draw graffiti?


In addition, when carrying out various activities related to the work of graffiti, restrictions on public places are lifted.


Materials and equipment necessary to draw graffiti



Before drawing graffiti, take a closer look at the place where you will draw the drawing. You may need to primer the walls, which will be an image, or some other equipment. The primer is necessary for porous walls, so you do not have to apply paint many times. Additional equipment may require a stepladder or additional lighting.


Pairs of paint have a negative impact on your health, so do not stint on the respirator and rubber gloves.Among reairers to date, black medical gloves have become especially popular, which allow you to feel the balloon in your hand, just like without a glove.


How to draw graffitiIf you want your graffiti to look as professional as possible, get markers and vandalizers. Vandalizers are called flat-tipped markers or mop markers. With their help, you can prescribe tags or correct minor inaccuracies and details. With the advent of experience, you will understand, and for what stencils are needed, with which you can apply tags and more perfect and beautiful drawings. On the paint, too, do not need to save, because it can either go badly, or be washed off at the first precipitation. Too expensive paint also does not mean the high quality of the picture, because the main thing here is your skill. It will be optimal to buy two cans from the average price category than one expensive, then your creation will turn out to be more successful.


Weather conditions also matter. You are unlikely to be able to draw a quality picture in a windy or cold work: the paint will be blown by the wind, and at low temperatures the paint will freeze, because of what the cap will be difficult to press.


Cap a special nozzle on the spray for blowing paint. Much depends on a nozzle. This is the dimension of the monochromatic parts of the picture, and the transition from color to color, the thickness of the lines, which varies in the fingers, usually up to ten fingers ("fat cap"). A cap with a thin line is called "skunny." The cost of caps starts at 150 rubles, and is sold in specialized stores or online stores.


Cap can be one of two types:

  • male - characterized by the presence of a tube with a side hole at the bottom;
  • female - there is a usual hole at the bottom of the cap, for it is necessary to buy a balloon with a tube.

Often, in the work on graffiti, an airbrush is used, a sprayer, with which you can apply strokes to a drawing.


How to draw beautiful graffiti?



The art of graffiti can be divided into several styles, which determine how the final drawing will turn out:

  • BUBBLE STYLE - the picture consists of "bubbles", thick lines and a lot of interlacing;
  • WILD STYLE - the drawing consists of a "wild" pile of lines, a very complex style;
  • DAIM STYLE or 3D-style - three-dimensional images.

Start drawing with applying the primer to make work easier. So the smudges will be less, and the paint will not fade.As a primer, you can use enamel or water-based paint. It can also be the background for the picture. Then with the help of sketches, draw a picture on the wall. First, draw the lines that will be the main contour of the drawing, then better outline the contour with a wider attachment to the balloon.


When you understand how to draw graffiti, you can be afraid to work with a wide stream of paint that comes out of a can, considering that high-quality drawings are obtained only from professional rewriters. But this is not true, you only need a little training.


Black and silver are commonly used to depict bombs. Officially, this method is called "to bomb" (bombing, "throwing", bombing the image on the walls). The bomb is used in the most inaccessible places, when the graffist does not have much time to draw graffiti. This technique is called the style of "painted and fled."


A couple more concepts:

  • Outline - edging;
  • Fillins - elements of the picture inside.

First you need to draw the fillins two times, and then the outline outline. Thickness
Fillins in 3-10 fingers is drawn with a cap. While working, you may want to change the drawing a little, and you don’t need to be afraid of it.Most likely, ready-made graffiti can become much more interesting than originally shown in the figure. When done with fillins, you can safely complete the edging and bring the image to perfection. To get a saturated color, you need to repaint the picture several times. After that, your creation will be complete.


How to draw graffiti on the wall: paint



Choosing a good paint is an important question, it should be of good quality.

  • Krylon paint is renowned for non-forest reviews because of its wateriness and the smudges that remain after it.
  • "Lada" - Russian paint of Finnish production at a price of 150 rubles and allows you to create rich drawings.
  • Paints "American Fast Spray", "Flexa", "ACE Hardware" are widely used in the west.
  • Motyp is a popular paint in the CIS countries and costs between 60 and 200 rubles. Experienced rewriters choose cans of this particular paint, which has a wide palette and thick colors.
  • "Abro" - the most popular paint in Russia, costs around 30 - 100 rubles. In contrast to the paint "Motip", which is used in the performance of complex works, the paint "Abro" is used for "bombing" and simple graffiti.Abro has many flaws: smudges, instability to temperature extremes (Fiesta paint has a similar quality).
  • "Montana", "Sparvar" are common in the West, and in Russia they are rare.
  • "Rust-Oleum" is a paint that has a high quality of coating. For example, black color, covering in relation to blue color. In addition, this paint has a wide palette and quality composition. The same properties of paint «Painter's Touch».

How to Draw Graffiti


For drawing the fillins of one bottle of paint will be enough for 1-2 square meters. m surface.


Learning to draw graffiti: tips for beginners, possible mistakes while working



  1. The primary task of the graffiti artist is to make a background for the drawing. If you do not do this, then the finished drawing will look unlikely.
  2. The sequence of the work of drawing graffiti:
  • Sketch of future work with background color;
  • Picture background;
  • Contour drawing;
  • "Polishing" of the picture;
  • Adding "copyright" details and signatures.
  1. If there is a leak, wait until it dries, then paint over it.
  2. Move your hand quickly, without stopping, so as not to flow.
  3. Each time you finish your job, clean the caps: turn the bottle upside down and keep the cap pressed until the paint stops coming out of it.Otherwise, you can immediately throw out the cap, because after drying the paint in it, it will become unusable.
  4. Code of honor is among the rewriters. Therefore, do not leave your tags under the works of other rewriters and do not block them. Respect the work of others, then your drawings will also be respected.

Recommendations to parents



How to Draw GraffitiIf your child is interested in graffiti, and is interested in how to draw with a pencil, then you do not need to interfere with his hobbies. He can spend his pocket money on paints, nozzles and a respirator, but you can yourself buy the material for drawing graffiti of much better quality, commensurate with your financial capabilities. The most important thing is to spare no money on gloves and a respirator, because the health of your child is much more important.


Explain to the child regulations that are related to his passion, so that he knows where to draw graffiti and where it is impossible. Meet his friends who are in the same digging of graffists with him. Do not worry if your child disappears all day on the street and returns all soiled with paint. Perhaps his passion will grow into a profession and become an incentive to enroll in an art college or academy. This can be a plus in his biography, if he is a man of art.


Communication in the graffiti party will help him avoid the negative impact of social networks and virtual communication. Your child will have many friends and will be much more sociable. It is better to indulge his hobbies in all possible ways, rather than hinder him.


Graffiti will give you the opportunity to leave your mark in modern art.


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