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How to draw with ink?

To create expressive compositions using a pen and a mascara, you need to learn how to properly apply strokes to paper. By changing the size of the strokes, their number and methods of blending, you can betray different textures. It’s not for nothing that they say that everyone can learn to draw, the main thing for this is to have a great desire. Consider how to paint with ink.

Types of invoice

There are seven main types of texture:

  • Lines.
  • Repeating surface bends.
  • Cross Strokes.
  • Parallel lines.
  • Points.
  • Wavy lines.
  • Contact lines.

In practice, more intricate lines are used, which can be represented as scribbles. They are often used to create a contour. Sometimes artists use one technique in their works, and sometimes several at once. Imposing one invoice on another, you can get an infinite number of combinations, and you end up with interesting graphic ink drawings. In their work, artists use feathers, brushes, sticks, acrylic paints, pencils and other tools. Each artist has his own style, style and handwriting, so their drawings with ink and pen may differ significantly.

Tips for beginners

Here are some tips for those people who are interested in ink drawing technique.

  • You should not copy from others, it is necessary to develop your own style and handwriting.
  • Do not be afraid of what may not work. Everything is achieved through hard work.
  • We must try to draw immediately with ink, without using a pencil for sketches.
  • Try to experiment as often as possible. Sometimes a drawing that you spend five minutes on can be more valuable than a forced five-hour job.
  • You must always clean the lid and bottle in which the mascara is stored, it can lose its properties.
  • Shake the mascara before working.
  • To achieve the desired tone, the mascara must be diluted with water.
  • You should always wash your brushes thoroughly.
  • In the process, you need to frequently change the water.
  • You should always carry cotton swabs and napkins.

How to use mascara

If you want to try to draw a graphic drawing, a mascara pen will be necessary for this. But before you start drawing, you need to know how to use mascara.

You can start with a pencil drawing. It must be applied to a sheet of paper.

  • Take a pen and dip it in the mascara.It is better at first to dilute it with water and pour into a small container such as a cap.
  • Draw a picture from the upper left corner and move in the direction of the lower right corner. In this case, you are less likely to spread the line.
  • Before continuing work, the pen should sometimes be wiped off with a cloth.
  • When the contour is circled, you need to wait for it to dry, and then you can remove the remnants of the pencil.

In this way, you can do your own drawing lessons with ink.

Consider an example of how to draw a rose.

  • We take a sheet of paper and draw an oval on it, which will be a rose bud. Immediately draw a flower stalk
  • In the center of the oval draw wavy lines resembling a spiral
  • We draw petals from a spiral, and we need to pay attention to petal bends
  • Using thickened lines to make drawing more clear.
  • Drawing shadows

So, in general, it was easy to get a beautiful rose. Such drawings, graphics, ink, always look very original and always attract the attention of others.

Drawing roses in ink


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