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How to drink alcohol?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 24, 2011
How to drink alcohol?

Some rules to remember in order to understand how to drink alcohol.

Firstly, choose a company of people close to you, pleasant and confidential communication creates the right atmosphere when drinking alcohol. If your banquet at work, you should not drink a lot, because it is not worth your place of work.

Second, a good snack is half the battle. Snacking a lot, you will get drunk slowly. The fatty snack is digested slowly, which prevents alcohol from entering the intestine. Try not to drink, you only stimulate the ingress of alcohol into the blood.

Third, it is better to use only natural drinks (vodka, brandy, wine, whiskey, live beer). I note that they can not be mixed in any case. Because mixed drinks can give an unpredictable effect. And the best option is to determine for yourself a couple of drinks and always drink only them. So you will definitely know your rate and the reaction of your body to this alcohol.

And fourthly, if you feel bad, stop. Drink coffee, breathe.

And I also recommend stocking up on the morning with oranges or any citrus. Great for a hangover.

If you know how to drink alcohol, the holidays bring only pleasure.


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