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How easy to lose weight in the face of a woman?

Any person, striving for perfection, dreams that he looked slim and beautiful. We like to receive compliments and realize that the process of losing weight goes according to the planned plan. But it also happens in another way. We are happy to part with excess fat on the waist and hips.

And now the scales show such a desirable double-digit number, it seems that the goal has been achieved, while others point to point out that they have lost weight. And all this is due to the fact that you have remained a pretty chubby young lady. Today we will share the secrets of losing face, and you will finally learn how to lose weight in the face.

Why do grandmothers and aunts so much love to beat the little children over their cheeks? Because the cheeks of children are big. Since childhood, all puffy cheeks are associated with good appetite and fatness. In childhood, his problems with a plump face can still be experienced, no matter how they give us candy for him.

But when we grow up, and our cheeks are still the most visible part of our appearance, serious complexes and sufferings begin to appear.Having a full face is hard to look bitchy and characteristic. But sometimes it is so necessary in life, especially when we start working.

Especially comical looks a girl with a slender figure and a large, plump face. No matter how many press cubes she had, people would still pay attention only to her face. Losing weight is not so difficult. The main thing is to seriously address this issue.

Helpful Tips

In order for your face to become very thin it is necessary to approach this case from different sides. By adhering to the recommendations in a short time, your face will become much smaller, and you will no longer be an angel with big cheeks.

Among the problem areas of the face are clearly distinguished: cheeks, cheekbones and chin. Double selection is a real disaster for any person. Of course, you get used to it, but from this you do not get prettier. If you have begun to form an additional crease in the neck, it says that it is urgent to take action.


People are mistaken in thinking that they have a plump face due to the fact that there is a lot of water in their bodies. Puffiness does not occur for this reason. All the way around.If a person drinks little water per day, the body begins to take measures to preserve it. Therefore, we have swollen legs, hands and face. In order for your face to become smaller, try to drink about two liters of clean water during the day.

Also daily in your body should get fiber. Most of all it is known in the gifts of nature: vegetables and fruits. Use different types every day. And then your body will be full of all useful vitamins and minerals.

Our face swells from the pernicious effects of alcohol. The more you drink it at night, the more awful the picture will be waiting for you in the morning in the mirror. Any kind of alcohol, regardless of the fortress, removes liquid from the body. And this is a direct path to a plump physiognomy.

By the way, give up the habit of drinking tea, water or juice before bedtime. This should be done during the day, not at bedtime. Otherwise, you will have additional swelling of the face.


Exercises are especially effective if you want to destroy the second chin. With their help, you can really transform the contour of your face. Perform special exercises to lose weight a person at least a couple of times a day.Do exercises away from loved ones, a portion of ridicule is unlikely to cheer you up.

Put air in your mouth, your cheeks should literally pop. Exhale quickly and violently. Five reps will be enough.

Remember the vowels in the alphabet. It is with their pronunciation that the most active muscles of the face are involved. Speak the letters clearly and slowly. Repeat 3-4 times.

Push your fingers on your chin and try to open your mouth. Thanks to the crayfish resistance, the chin will become smaller.


Forget about the gentle strokes. For face slimming, a hard towel massage is used. For its carrying out you should take a small towel from a natural material. Moisten it with a decoction of chamomile. Then rub your chin and neck with it. And then take a towel in hand, elbows relaxed. Then sharply straighten your elbows, so that you have a towel to make cotton. During cotton, the towel should touch the chin. Repeat for 10 minutes.

Do not forget about the tightening masks for the face. After all, often the second chin appears due to weight loss in a short time.It is better to use natural ingredients for masks, such as clay.

While you are struggling with the fullness of the face, you can save yourself a well-chosen hairstyle and makeup. Having come to the master, frankly say that you want to hide the full face. He will surely select the perfect haircut model for you.

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