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How to eat feijoa?

Tamara Kovalenko
Tamara Kovalenko
January 29, 2013
How to eat feijoa?

Feijoa grows wild in Uruguay, Paraguay, in the mountainous regions of Brazil. Feijoa is also grown in other regions - in some European countries, in the Caucasus, in the Crimea, in the Krasnodar Territory.

Feijoa green, oval-shaped fruit, is recommended for people with thyroid disease. Feijoa fruits contain a huge amount of iodine, there is also vitamin C, sucrose, malic acid, natural antioxidants.

Feijoa can be given even to small children.

However, not everyone knows how to have feijoa. Recipes from this fruit are not widely known.

How to eat feijoa

First of all, you need to choose the right fruit feijoa. Feijoa mature fruit is soft to the touch, with juicy and transparent flesh. The feijoa brown flesh is a spoiled fruit, and the white flesh is an unripe fruit. The pulp of this fruit with a strong aroma of pineapple and strawberry, with a sweet, delicate flavor. Some eat feijoa entirely, but the peel of this fruit is thick, tart to taste, some eat the pulp with a spoon, after cutting it with a knife.

What and how do feijoa eat

With feijoa you can make a lot of tasty and healthy drinks, cocktails. Dessert can be done as follows - whip in a feijoa blender with the peel and mix with sour cream.

You can also make jam from feijoa: scroll the pulp in the meat grinder, add sugar and water, bring to a boil.

You can cook a fruit salad - feijoa, tangerine, orange, walnut, hazelnuts, raisins and fill with sour cream. Experimenting with different vegetables, you can make feijoa salads. When cooking chicken and meat with feijoa dishes will be a peculiar savory taste.

For lovers of strong drinks - tincture of cranberry and feijoa. This tincture requires 200 grams of chopped feijoa, 100 grams of crushed cranberry in a mortar. Boil this mixture with 0.5 cups of sugar syrup, pour 0.5-0.7 liters of vodka and leave in a dark place for a week.

Feijoa can be used in pies, cookies, ice cream.


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