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How to educate a stepdaughter

Spend time together: go to the cinema, to the rink, walk in the park. Unobtrusively attractstepdaughterto housework. Cook together a festive dinner or do a change of indoor plants.
Communicate with the girl, sincerely interested in her life, study and hobbies. But if you see that it is difficult and unpleasant for a child to talk to you, do not be discouraged. Many children are very jealous of the new choice of the father, and some are frankly rude and do not like the new father's wife, because they consider her guilty of the collapse of the family. Be calm and friendly, over time you will get used to each other, and maybe even make friends.
Do not cajolestepdaughtergifts, otherwise her attitude towards you may become consumer. In your house you are the hostess and set your own rules. There is nothing wrong if you make a remark to the child, but you should not be too carried away with the upbringing of the girl, this is the duty of her own parents. Another thing, if the child lives with you.In this case, you have to take the "reins" in their hands. But remember that if the stepdaughter is guilty, the punishment must always come from the real parent. Act not with shouts, complaints and reproaches, but with talk and personal example.
The situation in the family may become more tense with the appearance of a new child. A stepdaughter may feel unnecessary and unnecessary. Do not allow jealousy and bitterness on the part of the girl, involve her in caring for the baby and emphasize in every way that you are one family.
You have to remember that establishing a relationship in a new family usually takes 1.5–2 years.

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