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How to enable the script?

Java is one of the most widespread and most actively developing programming languages, on the basis of which most websites and applications today operate. The scripting language Javascript is used to ensure that the content of websites is displayed in the browser correctly, as it was intended by the creator of the site. If any text elements, images or elements of the site structure were displayed correctly in the browser, the Javascript function must be enabled in it. Below we will discuss how to enable the Java script, if the code is written correctly.


To fix the problem, you must first find it. The following are the main errors that may cause the script to not work:

  • Browser conflict. Typically, the code is written under the most common browsers and sometimes the developer does not take into account its correct display in unpopular web programs.
  • The script does not match the site constructor. The problem is similar to the previous one. The script can be written under the most common CMS, not taking into account the nuances of some free engines, such as WordPress, Ucoz, etc.,who use their own programming languages ​​that conflict with common code.
  • Incorrect file upload to server. There are three options for uploading a script to a hosting protocol via FTP: autodetection, text and binary. Many people often do not pay attention to this step, which is why the script functions incorrectly.
  • Script handler is not connected. It is not enough just to upload the file to the hosting, it is also necessary to set the handler function, indicating to the script what action it should respond to. As a rule, this function is specified within the <body> ... </ body> tags, indicating which event the script should respond to. For example: <input type = "button" onclick = "helloworld ()" value = "Hello world!" />.
  • No additional libraries for script processing are connected. Before you enable the JS script, you need to make sure that the most common library for developing the jQuery script is included.
  • Script processing is not enabled by the browser. The problem is solved quite simply - by connecting this function in the browser settings.

JQuery library connection

Using the example of the Java language as an example, let's analyze the script how to enable the jQuery library so that we can handle the script processing we need:

  1. Download the latest version of jQuery from the official;
  2. Upload the library via FTP protocol to the appropriate directory (javascript) of your site. If it is missing for any reason, create it;
  3. Connect the library by setting the line in the head block: <script type = "text / javascript" src = "javascript / library file name.js"> </ script>

Enable browser settings

Quite a common cause of incorrect script operation is disabling its processing in the browser. Below is a guide on how to enable this setting using the example of the popular Google Chrome browser:

  1. Open the Google Chrome Settings and Controls menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Enable the demo of additional settings.
  4. In Personal Data, open Content Settings.
  5. Find the section on JavaScript and enable the use of this script on all websites.
  6. Log out of your browser settings and refresh the page that you haven’t previously opened without JavaScript.

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