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How to enter MSU?

Moscow State University has always been and remains one of the most famous and prestigious higher educational institutions in Russia. Argued that to go there is almost impossible. But it turns out that it is realistic to do at MSU, possessing a certain amount of knowledge and having a great desire.

What you need for admission

  • passport;
  • certificate of secondary education;
  • documents confirming the benefits for admission;
  • Photo;
  • certificate of delivery exam

How to proceed

  • Preparation for admission to Moscow State University must begin in advance. Pupils of the ninth and tenth grades can enroll in the SSC - Special Educational and Scientific Center of Moscow State University. Here you can get in-depth knowledge of the natural and exact sciences. You can enter the SSCC only by the results of examinations, you should learn more about them on the university website.
  • Eleventh grade students and young people who have already completed school can enroll in preparatory courses. Courses are both day and evening. Information about the conditions of recording and the cost of courses, too, look on the Internet.
  • Those who do not live in Moscow are given the opportunity to engage in distance learning courses and participate in competitions. Thus, they will be able to receive feedback from university professors. This will help them a lot on the budget at Moscow State University.
  • It is also desirable to take part in specialized competitions. They are held every year. Victory in the Olympiad gives applicants an advantage in admission.
  • Information about the necessary exams and minimum points can be found in the section of the MSU website of the faculty you are interested in. You must pass the exam.
  • Then collect the necessary documents and contact the admissions office of the selected faculty. The fact is that MSU, one of the few universities that is entitled to conduct an additional exam in one of the subjects. And you must pass it to the highest possible ball. Examinations are usually held in mid-July.
  • The list of candidates selected for enrollment is published in early August.

Is it possible to enter MSU

Of course, it’s not a secret to anyone that many parents try using a bribe to get an opportunity for their child to enroll in any university, and even more so at MSU.Most likely in consequence of the fact that they do not believe in the abilities of their child. For the sake of justice, I must say that there are people who profit from this, but these are not just associate professors and professors themselves, but mediators.

But do not be afraid. It is quite possible to enter MSU on your own. Read carefully what is written in the first part of this article. Thus, it can be concluded that in order to enter the Moscow State University one must make a lot of one’s own efforts and ... money. But money is needed not for giving a bribe, but for studying. The fact is that the difference between the school curriculum and the requirements made at the university is huge. In order to reduce this difference, it is necessary to attend preparatory courses, and they are paid. Or you will have to resort to the help of tutors who specialize in preparing applicants for admission to MSU. And it is very expensive.

But if there is a goal, then everything can be done to achieve it. Now you know what to do at MSU. We wish you good luck.


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