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How to fertilize trees?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
November 21, 2014
How to fertilize trees?

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How to fertilize trees?

For normal development, fruit trees and shrubs should receive mineral elements and trace elements from the soil. To grow trees according to the rules, you need to know how to fertilize trees depending on the season.

How to fertilize trees at different times of the year

Caring for plants involves not only watering and pruning trees, but also timely feeding. In the spring, trees need nitrogenous mixtures for the formation and rapid growth of new shoots.

In the summer, some trees may be deficient in certain nutrients. To restore their health and fertility make mineral fertilizers.

In the second half of autumn, trees should be prepared for wintering. Survive the winter frost and strengthen the root system will help phosphorus, potassium and organic fertilizers.

How to fertilize trees

Fertilizers for trees are laid in a solid form, which ensures the supply of trace elements for a long time.With natural or artificial irrigation, they gradually dissolve and are absorbed into the root system.

To lay the fertilizer, a near-circular circular ditch with a depth of 30-35 cm is dug. The bottom of the ditch is dug along with half the required amount of fertilizer. The second half is mixed with the excavated earth and laid back into place.

Fertilizers are also needed when planting seedlings. Therefore, before planting a tree, for 14 days organic and mineral fertilizers are laid in the prepared pit.

Indoor tree plants, such as a lemon tree, also need bait.


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