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How to find a job in Moscow?

To find a job in the capital, the applicant needs to try out all possible options, since the number of vacancies is usually much less than the number of people willing to take them, and therefore there is a tough competition.

About where to find the future place of work - read on.

the Internet

Employment Sites

The so-called "job-portals" today there are countless. Some are more popular and visited, others less. An impressive list of sites for job search and workers you can find in particular in this.

Bulletin Boards

Simplified analogue of the above resources. Suitable for finding a temporary job in your city without any special claims to the prestige of the employer’s company - solid large-scale customers usually work with more serious resources.

Among the advantages of this technique is simplicity and speed. But the disadvantages are much larger:

  • Your resume will easily be lost against the general background of numerous offers.
  • Selection on the Internet is always less effective than a personal meeting with an employer,you do not have a chance to conquer the future boss with your charisma, respectability, decisiveness, confidence of gaze and posture, wit and so on. And these factors very often play a large role in employment issues.
  • Employers will view the summary, compiled by the general rules. But in many cases it is very important to offer the company something special - something that is significant for her.

Employment centers

The employment centers created by the state are designed to help citizens of the country with employment both in their specialty and outside of it.

For this service hold job fairs. Residents of the capital will be able to learn about the dates and place of their holding from the Department of Labor and Employment of the population of Moscow. The institution also operates mobile employment centers, in which anyone can be provided with employment counseling services, as well as practical assistance. Schedule centers can be found.

In addition, you can always ask a question about finding a job in the urban employment center in your area. So, in Moscow there are 11 such institutions. Full list you will find.

Among the advantages of this job search method:

  • The formality of all procedures;
  • Opportunity to receive training, retraining or advanced training to obtain the desired position;
  • Ability to apply for and receive unemployment benefits.

The main disadvantage is that finding a highly paid prestigious job in this way is quite difficult. However, the attempt is still worth it. You can find out about the list of professions with steady demand in the Moscow labor market, as well as the approximate level of wages for them in.

Recruitment agencies

Prompt how to find a job in Moscow, and recruiting companies. Some of them may have a certain specialization - for example, recruitment of employees in the field of marketing, search for representatives of the managerial level, work with university graduates and other professionals without experience. Some charge for their services a fee from the applicant, others - from the employer (this class of agencies is considered higher than the previous one).

Among the advantages of working with such companies is saving time and the opportunity to find a really good job. Among the minuses - costs (if you still have to pay the company), often too picky selection of candidates for closing a vacancy.Moreover, not all firms are honest and professional. You can fall for fraudsters or just for a dishonest company, which for big money will offer you something completely different than what was required.

Therefore, in choosing a mediator, it is recommended to pay attention to reviews about him (can be found in various forums about work in your region), the age of the company (longevity in the market is a sign of reliability), as well as the terms of cooperation specified in the contract.

Freelance Exchange

It would be a big omission not to mention this type of earnings, because the so-called networking has long broken all records in popularity.

Having certain knowledge, skills, talents, you can easily earn money from them. To do this, you must first register on the freelance market (and preferably several) - a site that provides the ability to search for remote work. Among the sought-after professions are copywriting, design, site administration, online journalism, and so on. Specialists who can prepare analytical materials, reviews on this or that topic, author's educational articles based on personal experience are also highly valued.

Among the advantages of such a method is the opportunity to work in an interesting field, a free work schedule, and no need to go to the office. Among the minuses - a huge competition, fatigue from frequent staying in the four walls of the house, the difficulty of finding a permanent customer, often meager wages of even the most good-quality work. However, here, as they say, everything is in your hands.


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