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How to find out account balance on MTS phone

How to find out account balance on MTS phoneaccount balance at MTS

State of an account



All subscribers try to constantly check how much money is left on their mobile phone account. It is very unpleasant when the score becomes zero suddenly. Therefore, the system of checking the balance of each operator is quite simple and quite accessible to each user.


How to find out an account on MTS?



If you are a user of the MTS operator's number, then in order to check your account, you should dial a combination of numbers and signs * 100 # or # 100 #. It depends on what kind of phone model you have. Such request is carried out without payment. After some time, information about the status of the account appears on the phone display. Note that in order to make such a request, it is necessary that you be in a zone where the network operates.


Another option to obtain information about your account, as well as other data about your number, is a special service of the operator "Internet-Assistant."It can be activated as follows: on the phone dial * 111 * 23 #. After that, you will hear the instructions of the automatic informer operator MTS.


Using the informer’s prompts, set a password on your phone. Learn that the number of characters in the password should be from 4 to 7. Choose a well-remembered password so that it can be easily typed during subsequent operations with this service. To set a password in order to get into your personal account, you can also call 1115 and follow the instructions of the automatic informant in the same way.


After that you can log into your personal account. To do this, use your own number without a eight as a login, and the combination you set as a password. You will see the account management page, where in the menu you need to select the “Account” item, followed by the “Account Status”. After that, the data on the balance of money on your mobile account will be immediately displayed on the phone's display.


If you have forgotten your password, you can easily restore it using the exact following step-by-step instructions on the MTS Internet Assistant website. In general, to find out the balance on the phone is not difficult to learn.


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