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How to find out which clinic you refer to?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
February 26, 2015
How to find out which clinic you refer to?

Find out the number of clinics serving the home at your address, in several ways.

How to find your clinic: options

The easiest and fastest way to find out which clinic you are referring to is to ask your neighbors. As a rule, mothers know the answer to such a question, as well as people in the age who are forced to frequent such institutions. Also it is worthwhile to carefully study the information provided in the insurance policy. Sometimes it indicates the clinic assigned to your address.

If you cannot contact your neighbors (for example, when you need to call a doctor early in the morning) and the required mark is missing in the policy, you can use the following methods.

  • Call the help desk and find out the number of any city / children's clinic (absolutely any). Then call there and ask for help with finding your own medical facility.
  • Call the paid reference for the addresses, organizations, products and services of your city (if any) and get information from them.
  • Go online to the website of the Department of Health in your city and see the list of organizations entrusted to it. After you have to call the numbers of all these outpatient clinics or use the contact phone number of the Department’s help desk. On the relevant website of the city of Moscow, for example, in the section “Medical institutions” you can find a list of organizations, indicating the district and the nearest metro station to your home.
  • If there is a telephone directory at home, then you can view the list of addresses of polyclinics in your city and ring through those institutions that are closest to your place of residence.

Servicing by residence and residence

Traditionally, every citizen of the Russian Federation is automatically assigned a clinic, depending on the address of his residence. But very often there is a situation when the actual place of residence differs from the official registration in the passport. In this case, you absolutely do not have to go through the whole city to get to your “default clinic”.You can write an application addressed to the head physician of the medical institution that corresponds to your place of residence, with a request to grant you permission for the service.

To do this, go to the registry of the polyclinic you need and check the office you need to contact.


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