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How to fix a hole in the leather seat of the car?

Salon, though the old one was already shabby, but whole. And it was carrying a children's bicycle for repair, and pulling it off with something caught and snatched a piece of leather. Can you save or have everything?
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Answered on March 28, 2017 23:21
If the hole is not very big and the edge is less or less even, then you can do the restoration yourself. But this will require the availability of some tools and gadgets. They can be found in auto shops. But I do not think that a woman can do it. Contact the service station - there you will be prompted what can be done with the seat.
Answered 28 march 2017 23:59
Minor repairs are unlikely to save the situation. Although, of course, you can try. But, I think, the worn leather interior is better to be dragged at once. Here you can do it. And to protect the seats from such situations, you need to use special capes, you can even massage. This will continue the life of the seats themselves.
Julia Bogdanova
Julia Bogdanova
Answered 29 march 2017 00:05
We used to have a car with a leather interior. Bought used. The husband immediately made a constriction, as the condition was “not very”. But he overtightened not his skin, but Alcantara. This material was even better than natural leather, or rather, more practical. Can be made in combination with Alcantara.

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