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How to flash DVR?

January 24, 2015
How to flash DVR?

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How to flash DVR?

Video recorders are quite complex mechanisms. Consider how to flash the DVR yourself to improve its performance. During the firmware process, obsolete files are replaced with newer ones. Such actions should be carried out in the event that the installed software produces errors or functions incorrectly.

Flashing process

First you need to find the necessary files and download them. You should choose only those updates that are posted on the official websites of the manufacturers of DVRs. In some cases, firmware can be found on a specialized forum. After saving the archive with the firmware, open it and familiarize yourself with the text instructions.

Firmware steps

  • Before downloading the firmware file, it is necessary to determine the installed version of the program. Data about it is usually stored on a memory card.
  • After that, to update the firmware, a memory device is formatted using the program and the recorder is turned off.
  • Then the memory card is removed and installed in the card reader or adapter.
  • Pre-downloaded firmware is copied to the media.
  • The memory card is removed from the card reader and inserted into the DVR.

Usually the firmware is automatically included in the work. When downloading, the device recognizes the updated files and starts up in normal mode.

Periodic firmware update allows you to improve the use of flash memory. Registrar manufacturers are constantly improving the quality and modernizing their products. Now you know how to quickly and easily flashing the DVR, and you can cope with this task yourself.


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